Baccarat Wine Glasses: Elegance in Every Taste

baccarat wine glasses

Baccarat Wine Glasses: Elegance in Every Taste

Baccarat wine glasses is an absolute crystal haute couture. For more than two hundred years, Baccarat has been producing refined artworks that turn even the simplest drink into something exceptional. Sparkling crystal creates a magical, almost fabulous  atmosphere full of luxury and style.

Baccarat wine glasses Mille Nuits from the Baccarat Maison lead you to the world of magical crystal. The noticeable details of the glass are smoothly lowered along the stem and intertwined with brighter and clearer edges.

Baccarat wine glasses Mille Nuits have two different variations: one glass with a long stem and another model with a shot stem. Each of these variations has glasses made properly for the red wine drinking and another one for the white wine drinking. For all the connoisseurs and wine enthusiasts, Baccarat wine glasses Mille Nuits will be a really pleasant luxury gift.

Baccarat Wine Glasses Grand Bordeaux Degustation

Baccarat wine glasses Grand Bordeaux Degustation is a collection made properly for the wine tasting both for beginner sommeliers and accomplished professionals. A simple but extremely elegant silhouette is combined with a clear crystal structure and impeccable proportions, making these glasses an excellent choice for all the wine lovers.

A set of 2 Baccarat wine glasses Grand Bordeaux Degustation in a classic shape will help you to fully enjoy the taste, the color and aroma of this noble drink.

baccarat wine therapy massena

Baccarat wine glasses from the Massena collection have really unique and extraordinary design that attract anyones attentions with its paticular details. Wide relief edges that go along the stem from the base of the glass reach the top and create this marvelous play of light reflections.

The highest craftsmanship of the talented artisans make these Baccarat wine glasses become a perfect vibrant choice for the comfortable wine drinking.

baccarat set of 2 wine glasses jcb passion

Baccarat Wine glasses from the JCB collection is a real legend from the whole Baccarat crystal collection.  JCB is and acronym of the famous French winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset, the author of this delightful design. Baccarat decided to give his name to this collection in honour of its creation.

Boisset is a true connoisseur of wine and that helped him to create a special form of glasses that allows to open up the bouquet of this noble drink in a perfect way. The Baccarat wine glasses are made mouthblown clear crystal of the highest quality.

Baccarat Wine Glasses Harcourt Zero Degrees by Marcel Wanders

Baccarat wine glasses Harcourt Zero Degrees by Marcel Wonders Studio is a designed version of the classic crystal wine glass Harcourt.

The original collection was released in 1841 and in one of the oldest ones from the whole range of the Baccarat crystal glasses.

Marcel Wonders changed the iconic design adding amazing flower decorations combined to various geometric elements.

The hexagonal base of these Baccarat wine glasses makes a perfect match with a solid short stem that beautifully reflects the light.

Baccarat wine glasses from the Rohan collection will delight the lovers of exquisite drinks .

The glass is low with a thick bottom in retro style and has unusual voluminous form on neat low leg.

The particularity of the glass is its relief pattern with a repeating S-shaped motif.

Inspired by the universe of the J.R.R. Tolkien, the Rohan collection has a truly fantasy charm and creates a magical atmosphere around itself.

Baccarat wine glasses will be a luxurious addition to your homeware collection.

Baccarat wine glasses Saint Remy take part of this amazing collection.

It was named after a church and it is one of the most simplest designs that were ever produced by the brand.

Slim and simple silhouette of Baccarat wine glasses Saint Remy accentuate the beauty of the drink and make the drinking ceremony be extremely elegant and sophisticated.

Baccarat wine glasses Vega were originally designed by Savinel & Rozé studio.

The glasses from this collection are reminiscent of the avant-garde sculptures-totems of the famous sculptor Constantin Brancusi.

The design of these Baccarat wine glasses shows the game of crystal contrast and basically it consists of two parts.

The upper part is made in bright colour crystal like red or green and the stem is made of several geometric shapes in clear crystal colour.

baccarat chateau crystal set of wine glasses

Baccarat Wine glasses Chateau is definitely one of the best crystalware dedicated to the lovers of wine tasting. It looks simple but at the same time its shape is really calibrated and helps to admire this noble drink.
The clear crystal of these outstanding Baccarat Wine glasses accentuates the depth of wine color and will be a perfect addition to your crystalware collection.

Baccarat Wine Glasses Gift Set “Wine Therapy” is an amazing gift idea for all the wine lovers that will add a special flair to any special occasion.

“Wine Therapy” set includes one of the most famous and iconic Baccarat wine glasses:

  • Massena Baccarat Wine Glasses;
  • Diamant Eve Baccarat Wine Glasses;
  • Chateau Baccarat Wine Glasses;
  • Vega Baccarat Wine Glasses;
  • Mille Nuits Baccarat Wine Glasses with long stem;
  • Harcourt Eve.

You can choose from this amazing variety your own glass cause each of these amazing crystal creations represents each particular personality.

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