Hermes Passifolia Table Setting

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Hermes Passifolia Table Setting

Amazing tableware collection Hermès Passifolia designed by Nathalie Rolland-Huckel, between two worlds, at the threshold between botanical tradition and art. Drawn from nature, her designs reveal delicate authenticity. From the side plates to the presentation platters, the coffee cups to the dinner plates, the thirty pieces that make up the Passifolia tableware collection are the fruit of an artisanal adventure, an exploration of know-how by the house of Hermès. New techniques and a series of skills were developed to faithfully reproduce the artist’s lush tropical palette and the delicacy of her line.

Hermes Passifolia Dinner Plates

Hermès Passifolia offers 2 different models for the dinner plates: you can choose the Philodendron or the Palm leaf. Let’s learn more 🙂

1. Philodendron Dinner Plate
2. Palm Dinner Plate

Philodendron species can be found in many different habitats in the tropical Americas and West Indies. The wide leaves of philodendron will make your elegant table very green and fresh, let’s say a little rebellious … as you are:)

Most palm trees are native to tropical and subtropical climates. The palm leaves are thin and elegant, the table set with the palm plates will look like a tropical paradise.

Hermes Passifolia Dessert Plates

Once you have decided which dinner plate you like best, you can place your favorite flower on the palm or philodendron leaf. Because the dessert plates of the Passifolia represent flowers: desert rose or pasiflora.

1. Desert Rose Dessert Plate
2. Pasiflora Dessert Plate

The desert rose is a slow-growing plant, only growing about 12 inches per year. Desert rose looks like a bonsai; it has a thick, swollen truck (that holds water during times of drought) and shiny, dark green leaves. But the real appeal comes from its showy, trumpet-shaped flowers that appear in festive shades of pink, white, purple, and red.

Pasiflora is the wild passion flower that grows in tropical vines and mostly in tendrils. Most species are found throughout neotropical regions of the Americas. Some are cultivated as ornamentals; others are grown for their edible fruits. Many are important host plants to butterflies.

Passifolia Bread and Butter Plates

At the end you can choose Passifolia bread and butter plate which is small and delicious. Hermès create two decors: Kalos and Tamaya.

1. Kalos Bread and Butter Plate
2. Tamaya Bread and Butter Plate

We really couldn’t find what plant Kalos is. But the image is very beautiful. Also “Kalos” in Greek means beauty.

Tamaya is a magnificent plant that offers abundant flowers. Tamaya begonia can only survive outdoors in tropical or subtropical climates because it is vulnerable to the cold in winter. Due to its incredible beauty it is also grown as an indoor plant.

Choose your Hermes Passifolia Table Set!

By having two different decorations on each plate, you can create many combinations by creating your own table. We chose the Philodendron dinner plate with the Desert Rose dessert plate and the Kalos bread plate.
The other combination is the Palm dinner plate with the Pasiflora dessert plate and the Tamaya bread plate.
But maybe you will prefer to switch and mix. It is truly amazing. So many combinations! You can also choose to have your table set with all the decorations, so if your table setting is for 8 people you can take 4 of each plate and after mix as you wish.

With a variety of bold patterns, this collection was designed to mix and match!

1. Hermes Passifolia Table Setting with Philodendron dinner plate, Desert Rose dessert plate, Kalos bread plate and tea cup and saucer.
2. Hermes Passifolia Table Setting with Palm dinner plate, Pasiflora dessert plate and Tamaya bread plate and tea cup and saucer.

Watch our video with Passifolia Table Setting

We have created this video for you, to show you each Passifolia plate better. Thus, you will be able to find out more and be able to see all models up close, which will help you decide your choice more easily.

Choose the bowls for Passifolia Table Setting!

Hermes Passifolia tableware offers a wide range of bowls. There are various measures, each one can have different uses. Each one has its own unique design, so they stand out for both size and design. If you love to eat fresh salads served at the center of the table, you will surely need the large bowls, otherwise if you prefer the portions served individually you can choose the smaller ones. Of course, the variety of dishes you decide to serve in the bowls depends on your imagination and will make your Hermes Passifolia table setting unique.

Serving pieces for Hermes Passifolia Table Setting!

If you love a very rich table setting, you could add presentation plates to your tableware. They are beautiful, very large and full of tropical leaves. They will make your table setting very fresh. Also the oval platter is very beautiful, with a large philodendron leaf on it. Then, Passifolia has a huge plate as a centerpiece, full of leaves and flowers. Another beautiful and very useful piece is the cake plate with its colorful flowers.

Hermes Passifolia Sushi Plates

Passifolia also has two decorations for the sushi plates. So you can choose:

1. Orchid Sushi Plate
2. Palm Sushi Plate

You could choose both decorations, since they are both so wonderful dishes. Also just a one sushi plate will never be enough.

Hermes Passifolia Tea Cups

Passifolia teacups and saucers will form on your table an intricate landscape bringing you closer to nature.
When you sip at a Passifolia teacup, the leaf motifs will give you a sense of relaxation and perhaps your tea will taste more refreshing and invigorating than usual.

Hermes Passifolia Breakfast Cups

Starting the day with the Passifolia breakfast cup will change everything. You will feel pampered and enveloped by the freshness of this pattern on the fine transparent porcelain that the feeling of well-being will carry on all day.

Hermes Passifolia Coffee Cups

If you are a coffee lover, what better opportunity than offer a moment of pleasure with a relaxing cup of coffee while chatting with your friend?

Hermes Passifolia Tea / Coffee Complementary Pieces

A few more pieces that will help you enjoy your moment of enjoyment with Hermès Passifolia. You may appreciate a beautiful sugar box and creamer or pouring your favorite tea from a colorful teapot. Also, if you prefer American coffee or tea from a larger cup, there’s an amazing Passifolia mug.

Any question about Hermes Passifolia Table Setting?

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