Baccarat Lighting: Magical Game of Lights and Shadows

baccarat chandeliers

Baccarat Lighting: Magical Game of Lights and Shadows


Baccarat lighting seem to be created for an intimate atmosphere and home comfort. Table lamps, ceiling chandeliers made of shimmering multifaceted crystal, floor lamps of a unique design will become a bright accent in the interior of your home, bringing an atmosphere of luxury and high style.

For the third century in a row, the Baccarat manufactory has occupied a leading position in the production of crystal on the European market.

Today, the brand’s catalog includes exclusive items for the home, including Baccarat lighting fixtures.

Baccarat lighting variety includes lamps made of high quality crystal that are suitable for each spaces or to decorate special areas at home.

The variety of luminaire designs opens up endless possibilities in the design of living space.

Noble shades of gold, strict black and white color combined to minimalistic transparent crystal will be a source of inspiration in the assortment of Baccarat lighting.

baccarat mille nuits floor candelabrum

Chandeliers take an important part in Baccarat Lighting collection.

Made of pure French crystal, its high degree of transparency makes possible the shades to be perfectly mixed with the light.

Each element of Baccarat lighting chandeliers is decorated with engravings.

The light rays are refracted in the edges of the patterns, changing its direction and intensity and so the level of room illumination increases.

The designers of the Baccarat lighting develop models for a wide variety of interiors, from the modern apartment with high-tech elements, to art deco, baroque, rococo classy styles.

baccarat mille nuits chandelier

Baccarat lighting chandeliers vary from one model to another, offering different size or lights quantity. Some of them can be really small and suit a standard city apartment with a low ceiling height.

Each element of Baccarat lighting crystal chandelier is thought in every single detail combining different elements with one another.

Baccarat lighting chandelier collection includes as well works of art born in collaboration with famous renowned designers with a world fame.

The Baccarat Zenith Black Chandelier not only reflects the traditions of the famous French crystal brand but with a special and talented touch of Philippe Starck, the iconic model got a fresh breath through the usage of the black crystal.

Another example of designer reinterpretation of Zénith is a magnificent Baccarat Le Roi Soleil Chandelier by Marcel Wanders Studio.

Its contemporary spherical form shows the timeless eye-catching appeal of the pure crystal.

baccarat zenith black chandelier

Baccarat lighting crystal ceiling lamps look expressive in every type of interiors.

These elegant pieces accentuate the elegance of the room, catching an attention on the ceiling and, of course, providing a plenty of light.

The design of Baccarat lighting crystal ceiling lamps is such that even with not the strongest type of lamps, the illumination will be really bright.

The beam is refracted in the bends of the crystal, spreading throughout the room, excluding the existence of uncovered areas.

Baccarat lighting crystal ceiling lamps are attached closely to the ceiling, so all the technical features and details are invisible and do not ruin the overall view. Each detail is in harmony with one another.

baccarat mille nuits ceiling lamp large

Baccarat lighting ceiling lamps collection contains models born from the collaboration with famous designers and created specially for the French Maison.

One of the most renowned ones is the Harcourt Hic, a ceiling lamp designed by Philippe Starck. The lamp was inspired by the diamond that seemed to be created from ashes.

Another example is a Torch ceiling lamp created by Arik Levy. He tried to combine in his creations the traditional idea of ​​lamps and classic Baccarat style.

Finally, there is also a Candy Light ceiling lamp one of the most unusual crystal items in the whole Baccarat lighting collection. It has a massive ceramic structure with a metal finishing and crystal lampshade.

Baccarat lighting table lamps can easily transform the appearance of the office.

The design of the table lamps allows you to completely hide the wiring, so the exterior will remain homogeneous.

As for the decorations, the talented artisans paid a great attention to the decorations. The detailed cut looks extremely expressive, and the light plays brightly on the edges of the patterns.

The beam is refracted depending on the depth of the cut.

The shape of the lamp is thought out in such a way that the light does not scatter, but only falls on the table, allowing you to work effectively with documents.

baccarat bon jour versailles lamps
  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Bon Jour Versailles Lamp Large


    Baccarat Bon Jour Versailles Lamp Large represents a timeless classic.

    Baccarat and Flos reveal their new collaboration with internationally renowned creator Philippe Starck.

    BON JOUR VERSAILLES, a collection of lamps born from History and Human Intelligence.

    Gift box included.

    H: 42 cm

  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Mille Nuits Lamp


    Baccarat Mille Nuits Lamp combines refinement and timelessness.

    Covered of beveled-cut crystal and topped with a textile lampshade, it adds a baroque and modern touch at the same time to every interior.

    Gift box included.

    H: 58 cm

Baccarat Lighting floor lamps and candelabrums are exquisite decorative elements, crafted in pure crystal.

The best European designers were involved in the creation of these amazing decor items as well as the best modern technologies that were supported by the rich heritage of previous generations of artisans.

For example, Mille Nuits floor lamps and candelabrum were designed by a famous designer Matthias in the refined oriental style of Persian fairy tales, seemed to be created for royal oriental palaces.

Baccarat Lighting floor lamps and candelabrums are entirely handmade and this furthermore underline their luxurious beauty, design and peculiarity.

Baccarat lighting is a luxury in every detail! A collection of a decor from a well-known brand would be incomplete without crystal wall sconces that not only accompany chandeliers, floor lamps or table lamps, but can be a perfect autonomous decorative element.

Baccarat lighting wall sconces are decorated with fine decorative patterns thanks to which the beam falling from the lamp is refracted in different ways. The wall sconces have movable parts that sway like pendants on the wind. The light falls in a new way every time, and the ringing from contact transforms the evening atmosphere.

Classic and avant-garde forms of these items, invented by eminent European designers, become those missing details that bring the interior its complete look.

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