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Mille Nuits Baccarat

The Mille Nuits collection is the fascinating brainchild of the self-taught artist and charmer Mathias who started working with Baccarat, in 1995.

After a very hard childhood, with the loss of his father at the age of 10, Baccarat Maison allowed him to have a more stable vision and be more serene. One of his first successes was a wonderful candelabra called Arabian Nights in memory of his grandmother.

She was an artist, in love with all the Mediterranean basin countries and their magical and charmed universe. She used to read to him the fascinating and faraway tales of The Thousand and One Arabian Nights, passing on the same emotional charge and poetry that still today are embodied in the Baccarat Mille Nuits Crystal masterpieces. This line with its Baroque and Venetian style recalls the luxury of palaces and the beauty of rich fabric. The fine-lined cuttings bring to mind the sumptuous glittering of light and magnificent twinkling of stars reproducing a truly sensual journey.

According to Mathias Creation is not permanent it is an act of generosity where the object created is passed onto others. True Creation is a little maternal, it brings to life, it simmers it and then it revives with others. Periodically something new is added to each collection in order to give continuity to these graceful, airy and distinguished glass creations.

Baccarat pillar collection

Mille Nuits together with Harcourt represent the so-called pillars for Baccarat. For Hermes it is the horse, for Cartier it is the panther coming back. Mille Nuits like its creator reflects the festive spirit of beauty and art of living in the French way. It’s attractive, it’s balance, it is not sad, but a good luck charm. It is the joy that you give to others, it’s the sensuality perceived while touching objects. Mille Nuits is a transversal collection offering not only a complete table setting with barware, stemware and tableware, but also lighting and decorative items for Home Décor.