NEW Bosa Jaime Hayon Tribu Oval Mask Large Green

Size: L 36 x l 30 x h 9.5 cm

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Bosa Tribù Oval Mask by Jaime Hayon in ceramic is designed in green glaze with precious details. Designed by famous artist and designer Jaime Hayon special for Bosa. Gift box included.

Among the novelties of 2023 Bosa exhibits TRIBU, the new masks designed by the artist and designer Jaime Hayon who, through refined colours and fantastic shapes, reveal the folkloric and surreal inspiration of the collection.

Bosa Tribù oval mask is handmade in Italy by skilled craftsman. This bold, decorative wall mask is adorned with Hayon’s signature aesthetic.

Designed by Jaime Hayon for Bosa. Handmade in Italy by skilled craftsman, these bold, decorative wall masks are adorned with Hayon’s signature aesthetic.

  • Design: Jaime Hayon
  • Materials: Glazed Ceramic
  • Hand Painted Details
  • Decorative Wall Sculpture
  • Dimensions: Large – 36 x 30 x 9.5cm
  • Handmade In Italy

Bosa, a Venetian laboratory, has been innovating ceramics since 1976 by creating entirely handmade objects.

A colorful and imaginative world of decorative objects, functional accessories, domestic talismans and small gifts. Bosa objects enter everyday scenarios, evoking the stories of our special moments in life in poetic and unconventional ways.

Special products inspired by the highest craftsmanship and characterized by unique colors and finishes, such as precious metals and enamels, Bosa objects are the result of the company’s constant commitment to experimentation and research. They have been selected for important collections, themed exhibitions and international museums.