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Fabergé Heritage fine Jewellery

Fabergé Heritage fine jewellery collection draws inspiration from Fabergé’s historical masterpieces.

The world of Fabergé is one of colour, detail and surprise.
The name of Fabergé is known throughout the world. Celebrated for ingenuity, technical perfection and irresistible jewellery – and most famously for the legendary Imperial Easter Eggs. When Peter Carl Fabergé took over his father’s traditional jewellery business in 1882, he dazzled the world with his use of colourful gemstones and re-discovered lost artisan enamel techniques.
Fabergé ’s Heritage collection, keeps alive the legacy of Peter Carl Fabergé. The fine jewellery egg pendants are inspired by the iconic Imperial Easter Eggs, replicating the traditional and complex techniques with the art of enamel giving their opulent colours. Faberge was considered a genius of the craft, being attributed to inventing over 145 new enamel colours.
The Fabergé Heritage collection uses the enamel technique of guilloché. The art of guilloché dates back to the 18th century, where precision machinery engraves intricate patterns into the tiny gold sculptures. The design comes to life, when the enamel powder is carefully hand-painted on, and after heating it melts, flowing over the surface. To achieve the perfection, up 5 layers may be applied and kiln fired, with even the smallest error in temperature or timing not tolerated. The result is the lustrous hard surface, that not only bursts with colour, but remains semi-translucent showing the guilloché design beneath.

Fabergé Egg Surprise Locket

When Peter Carl Fabergé was commissioned to create jeweled Easter eggs for the Romanov family, he was asked to include a “surprise”. The iconic Imperial Eggs open to reveal a small surprise hidden inside the egg. Some had hidden mechanisms for revealing family portraits, others exquisite miniatures – all held a secret that held special significance for the lucky recipient.

The secret symbolism and the joy of a surprise are a sentiment transmitted in today’s Fabergé jewels. Some of the egg-shaped charms open to reveal a small treasure hidden inside.

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