NEW Christofle Asia Mood Large Tray


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Christofle Large stainless steel tray Mood ASIA with handles. Gift box included. Size: L 48 cm x l 52 cm with handles

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To enhance conviviality around MOOD Asia stainless steel Tray with wood and porcelain, Christofle completes its proposal on asian gastronomy with a brand new tray. To have a complete concept around the MOOD Asia, this tray is composed of flexible wooden parts that made it the ideal object to offer Sushi, Maki, Tempura, Dim Sum… They are all reversible and removable, with food varnished wood. The center part is adaptable to receive the MOOD Asia. It is also composed of 1 large board5 rounded boards3 large white porcelain compartments and 6 white porcelain sauce bowls (Ø 60mm – 4 cl).

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