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Il viaggio di Nettuno – Neptune’s  Voyage

Neptune’s Voyage tableware collection, inspired by Luke Edward Hall’s love for Greco-Roman mythology, and in particular Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, and his wife Salacia, features an unconventional vision of the art of the table, a dialogue between classic and modern.

The designs of the gods decorate plates, mugs, cups and vases with bold and unexpected colors that infuse strong personality to the tableware. With the Neptune’s Voyage (in italian: Il Viaggio di Nettuno) collection, Ginori 1735 reinterprets the table in a modern way with objects with a unique design that are real artistic installations.

About Richard Ginori:

Carlo Ginori started manufacturing porcelain pieces in 1735 in his workshop in Doccia, Tuscany, setting the benchmark for luxury home décor products ever since. This prestigious company was run by the same family until 1896, when it was acquired by Richard of Milan and the brand was created “Richard Ginori”.

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