Venini Versace Vases: an Exclusive Novelty 2021

venini versace vases

Venini Versace Vases: an Exclusive Novelty 2021 in Limited Edition


Venini Versace Vases is an exclusive triumphant resulting from the collaboration of two renowned and prestigious Italian brands Versace and Venini. Released for the very first time in 1997, the V.V.V. collection of decorative vases was a pure success for both.

After almost 14 years, the collection has achieved a variation of its design leading mainly to the postmodern art style.

Limited Editions of 149 pieces

Venini begins its history in 1921 when Paolo Venini and Giacomo Cappellin founded the factory and this year Venini celebrates its centenary.

The exclusivity of the Venini brand lies in the combination of the centuries-old tradition of Venetian Murano glass production that is combined with a high-level modern design, whose authors are world-famous architects and designers.

And, thanks to a purely handcrafted work, each piece is unique.

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Versace is one of the legendary Italian fashion houses of all times, founded in 1978 by fashion designer Gianni Versace.

It undoubtedly represents one of the most successful, glamourous and trendy brands in the world.

Inimitable design with its Medusa signature, supreme quality and the devotion to every single creation with its majestic power and particular attention to details are the components of its bright success.

Venini Versace Vases: a Unique Design by Gianni Versace

Gianni Versace is one of the most renowned and creative designers of all times.

Mostly famous for its luxury clothing brand creations, he collaborated as well in producing various design home elements with typical Versace brand’s enchantment.

The partnership of Versace and Venini started in 1997 when the boundless imagination of Gianni Versace made him create this outstanding collection of three Venini Versace Vases each of which in limited and numbered edition.

gianni versace

Vetri Versace Venini: a Colection of Venini Versace Vases in Limited Edition

The VVV collection is an abbreviation of Vetri Versace Venini that makes this collection become so enigmatic and really unique.

The VVV Collection of Versace Venini Vases 2021 differs a little bit from the original Gianni Versace design of 1997.

Each vase was additionally enriched with pure crystal glass elements and the iconic logo Medusa made with the applied layers of gold leaves.

venini versace vase smoking

Venini Versace Vases: the Magnificence of Excellent Design by Gianni Versace

venini versace vase vvv

Gianni Versace conveyed the excellence of both brands in every single piece thanks to his magnificent design, the chromatic combination and the highest skills of Venini glass blowers.

Each Vase from VVV Collection is a hand-blown contemporary piece of art that attracts anyone’s attention.

venini versace vase gessato

Venini Versace Vase’s Uniqueness: The Gold Medusa Logo

Being a great admirer of ancient Greek culture, Gianni Versace chose the image of Medusa as a symbol of his fashion brand.

According to the maestro, Medusa is this synthesis of beauty and simplicity, as laconic as it is hypnotizing.

The same can be said about Versace collections – it is hypnosis and love at first sight.

The Venini Versace Vases 2021 got a distinctive gold emblem, a Medusa logo in the middle of each of vase.

Made with the technique of applied layers of gold, the Murano masters created a perfect combination of gold lustre and pure transparent Venetian glass.

venini versace vase gold medusa

Venini Versace Vases: a Special Packaging for a Special Vase

A gift wrapping not only indicates a taste but it’s a sign of attention and respect to a customer. A special wrapping has a unique energy that can bring a exclusive meaning to unique works of art. Cleverly selected gift wrapping will significantly increase the value of any presentation.

The packaging of Venini Versace Vases is not an exception. Each of these limited edition venini versace vases has a personalized bag in black velvet fabric with the logo of the two renowed brands. The bag covers each precious Venini Versace Vase in order to protect it from the dust or other impact.

venini versace vase bag
venini versace vase packaging

In addition to the bag, Venini versace Vase has a classic high-quality carton box in black colour with both logos in the middle.

The foamed shaped filling inside the box fully covers the vase and prevents any kind of eventual damage.

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VVV is the first Venini Versace Vase in Limited and Numbered Edition from the homonym collection designed by Gianni Versace. You can find only 149 exemplars all over the world.

Hand-crafted from the blown Murano glass, this vase represents a unique decorative piece that is made using a special “Tessere” technique.

The combination of total black, milky white and crystal glass colours that were chosen by the master enhance the particularity of the vase.

The golden leaf and the iconic Medusa logo on its surface add a special glamourous touch, so typical for the Versace brand.

Venini Versace Vase: “The Tessere” Technique Special for VVV Limited Edition Vase

The “Tessere” is a highly decorative glass technique firstly developed in 1950s.

This technique was chosen in the realization of the VVV Venini Versace Vase with the alternation of the series of flat rods called tesseras in black and milky white colour with various golden inserts.

The “Tessere” technique consists of several phases. First the thin strips of coloured glass on a metal surface are cooled until they reach the right temperature which allows them to be cut into small squares creating a sort of patchwork structure. Then all the pieces blend together creating the final version of the vase.

venini versace vase tessere tecnique

The “Smoking” is another outstanding creation by Gianni Versace that is the part of the Venini Versace Limited Edition Vase Collection..

The vase has the shape of an amphora and is made of blown glass by the skilled craftsmen of Venini using a special “Canne” technique.

This Venini Versace vase has a small difference with the original 1997 design. The red color has been swapped with the crystal one including the application of gold leaf.

The Medusa signature adds a special accent to the entire composition.

Venini Versace Vase: “The Canne” Technique

The “Canne” technique used to create the sumptuous Smoking Limited Edition Venini Versace Vase is absolutely unique.

The shape of this Venini Versace vase is inimitable and recalls the swaying of the wind.

The glassmakers pull glass rods of different colours in a circular section. Then they collect the reeds, blend and then blow again.

The obtained shape of the Venini Versace Vase admires everyone with its splendour. And the combination of the classic black, milky white, gold and crystal colours makes it unique but suitable for every luxury ambiance.

venini versace vase canne tecnique

The Gessato is the third Venini Versace Vase that completes this beautiful and originally designed VVV Collection.

The Vase is hand-crafted using the “Fasce” technique with the combination of three basic colours of this collection.

The head of Medusa, an iconic symbol of the Versace Maison, completes this blown overall composition.

The shape obtained is reminiscent of a classic wide tubular vase with parallel glass threads in different colors that blend together thus composing the entire structure of the vase.

Venini Versace Vase: “The Fasce” Technique

The “Fasce” technique was used in producing the Gessato Venini Versace Vase, a hand blown Limited edition object with an extraordinary design.

This well-known technique consists in applying to the main transparent structure threads of hot glass of different colours called fasce. Then these colourful lines are mixed all together and covered with another layer of crystal to achieve a particular visual effect.

Each Venini Versace vase made using this technique has an interesting chromatic structure that differs from one vase to another, thus making them unique and extraordinarily amazing.

venini versace vasce fasce tecnique

If you are looking for a dedicated yet unique gift, then the set of 3 Venini Versace Vases will the best option for you!

The set consisting of VVV, Smoking and Gessato Venini Versace Vase made in mouth-blown Murano glass is able to create an incredible luxurious and glamorous atmosphere.

This stunning compilation of three Venini Versace vases can complement anyone’s home collection and will delight with their charming appeal.

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