Versace Candles and Candleholders – an elegant finishing touch

versace scented candles

The Luxurious Richness of Versace Candles and Versace Candleholders

Have you ever tried to combine the fantastic fragrances of Versace candles with your favorite tableware?

There is always a way for perfection when it comes to table setting. You start with a tablecloth with a design of flowers worked in silk on it, for example, to underline the classic dignity of white plates like Versace Medusa Gala, or you choose a snow-white table cover to contrast with the bright colourful service like Versace Medusa Rhapsody or Versace Jungle Animalier.

Then you decide on the service itself, depending on your mood, and proceed with the right cutlery set to your liking, depending on whether you want it to attract attention, or simply to be the refined essential part of the setting. You proceed with the right glasses according to the drink you’ve decided to be served.

Playing with Versace Candles

versace candles

And now when the compulsory program is complete, you can play with the accents. You add an elegant vase with a charming bouquet matching the colour of the plates or highlighting the splendor of the glasses. You might just as well choose an eye-catching Wine Server or Wine Decanter.

There is yet another addition you can make to create the right mood at the table influencing not only the visual impression but also the odor sense of your guests by the matching Versace Candles.

Versace Candles are superb table lights able to create a cozy and warm air around the table.

Versace Candles with Versace fragrances

The gorgeous gold and black of Versace Scented Candle Prestige Gala, or the sophisticated bright turquoise of Versace Candle Prestige Gala Le Bleu. The splendid gold of Versace Candle Medusa Gala, or the wild colours of jungles of Versace Candle Jungle Animalier.

The opulence of Versace Candle Barocco Mosaic, or the classic glamour of Versace Candle Golden Medusa. Emitting a light and fresh fragrance, these candles are encased in the finest porcelain and topped with a ring holder lid.

There is a Versace Candle in every Versace décor line, so that you don’t have to spend much time trying to find the perfect match to your favourite dinnerware set.

Versace Candles Medusa head

If you still think that something is missing on your table, that it still lacks a bit of luxury, and it still has an everyday look, here is something special to make your table setting look really impressive. Versace Candle White Medusa Grande NEW, also available in Fuchsia, Gold and Silver colour, in finest porcelain, is an outstanding table light with scented wax, shaped in the form of Gorgon Medusa head, the most easily identifiable trademark of Versace. It would make a perfect wondrous finishing touch to your table setting.

Versace Candleholders

What should you do if you don’t like scented candles at all, but still want to create a special atmosphere at the table? There is a wonderful solution by Versace for you in such a case, and it is a variety of Versace Candleholders in finest porcelain. The selection of Versace Candleholders is just as large as it is of Versace Scented Candles, so that you can easily choose the ideal match for your mood and your impeccable table setting.

Versace Candle holders in Gold

The magnificence of gold of Versace Candleholder Medusa Gala, or the mirrored gold effect of Versace Candleholder Medusa.

A touch of sophistication

The luxurious richness of Versace Candles and Versace Candle holders is simply amazing, their profoundly embellished patterns combined to the magnificence of glamorous shapes and colours will add a touch of sophistication to your table setting, or will make a wonderful gift to your guests accentuating the irreproachable taste of the host.

Any question about Versace Candles and Candle holders?

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