Christofle Concorde Cutlery Set 24 pcs Stainless Steel


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“Concorde” 24-piece stainless steel flatware set in design box by Christofle

The “Concorde” design box by Christofle adds a special highlight to a table. Inside the elegant, shiny stainless-steel box is a 24-piece cutlery set.

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This Christofle Concorde cutlery set is dishwasher-safe  and made of stainless steel and bears an impressive pattern of engraved lines.

Christofle Concorde cutlery set consists of 6 standard knives, 6 standard forks, 6 soup spoons and 6 coffee spoons. An oak inlay inside the box holds the cutlery securely in place.

Once opened, Concorde reveals a silverware ensemble inspired by a coffee set from the Christofle archives, with an alternating shiny and matte milleraie motif that underscores the interplay of light and metal. The elegant modernity of this stainless steel ensemble with white oak accents makes Concorde a perfect companion for shared moments of all kinds.

roduct characteristics: L26 x W7 x H25 cm

Cutlery and box made of stainless steel, inlay made of oak wood Cutlery dishwasher safe

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