Venini Special Unique Clessidra Hourglass 420.10 mint green rose Limited Edition


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Venini Clessidre Hourglass Murano Glass 420.10 mint green red gift-wrapped. Unique in the world! There is only 1 example of this size and color combination.
1 pc – Ø 14 cm, h 30 cm
Handmade and blown glass.

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420.10 VT/RS , , ,

A colourful take on the traditional hourglass, this piece was designed by Paolo Venini in 1957.
Handmade with Murano glass, the ‘Clessidre’ consists of two parts blown separately and fused together with a Venetian glassblowing technique known as incalmo.
Incalmo is a very difficult technique which consists of melting together two blown forms to obtain a single, composite piece, usually with parts of different colours.