Luxury Christmas Gifts

Luxury Christmas Gifts

We’ve been celebrating Christmas for centuries!
There will be no viruses that can take away the pleasure of giving or possessing beauty.
We offer worldwide delivery of your exclusive luxury Christmas gifts from the world’s top brands.
All our products come out in a beautiful gift box and with an elegant greeting card. Enjoy your choice!

We suggest for Christmas:

  • Venini

    Venini Fazzoletto Vase medium red 700.02

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    Venini Fazzoletto medium vase in mouth-blown and hand-crafted red Murano glass.
    1 pc – Ø 20 cm, h 24 cm (7.87″D – 9.44″H)

    This attractive vase or decorative object from Venini has a subtle yet strong design. Mouth-blown from a gorgeous red Murano glass.
    Handmade. Designed by Fulvio Bianconi & Paolo Venini. Signed at base. Murano glass. Wipe clean with soft dry cloth. Made in Italy.

  • Versace

    Versace Medusa Red Vase 26 cm by Rosenthal

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    The Versace Medusa 26 cm Vase elegantly nested in its gift box.

    The central eye-catching motif is a glorious gold coloured head of Medusa, an unmistakably Versace emblem, framed by expressive and swirling baroque ornaments and elegant circular oriental friezes.
    Veracious aristocratic colours, bright red, precious gold and black give the head of Medusa a colourful elegant framework.
    The dramatic effect contained by the refined borders along the flared vase’s rim and bottom will enchant your guests. read more...

    Medusa – Ikarus, one of the first dinnerware collections of Rosenthal meets Versace, launched in 1993, mirrors the matchless rich, colour intensive world of Versace.
    The emblematic Versace pattern featuring the glorious gold coloured central Medusa head has a new contemporary look.
    The new form lends excitement to this classic pattern.
    Beautiful detail and vibrant colour of the expressive baroque ornaments make this a true must have.
    The pulsating brilliance of the deep red, the elegance of the black and the magnificence of the gold: a colour spectrum which dominates the Medusa collection.
    The collection was Designed by Paul Wunderlich a German internationally known lithographic and object surrealist artist.
    His works are characterised by magic and mysticism and by the use of precious materials such as porcelain.
    Wunderlich had been working for Rosenthal since 1978.
    According to ancient myths Medusa was one of the three Gorgons which in Greek mythology were sea monsters with gold wings, snakes for hair, and turned anyone who looked directly at them to stone.
    The three sisters represented perversion in its three individual forms: intellectual, sexual and moral.
    Medusa’s snake hair locks were a punishment from Athena.
    The once extremely beautiful mortal was punished by Athena with a hideous appearance and loathsome snakes for having been raped in Athena’s temple by Poseidon.
    Gianni Versace chose this Greek mythological figure as his luxurious logo because she made people fall in love with her and they had no way back.
    He hoped his Maison would have the same seductive effect on people.
    Indeed the sumptuous Medusa head is the protagonist of many Versace collections in different rich colours and refined details making them unique and highly desirable among Versace cult followers.
  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Eye Vase Large Red

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    The wavy design of the crystal Eye vase comes from an extraordinary technique: exterior horizontal cuts and interior vertical cuts combine to produce a magic visual effect.

  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Crystal Red Eye Votive Set

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    Baccarat crystal Red Eye Votive Set is a beautiful set of two candle-jars that brilliantly reflects candle-light.
    Available also in clear and gold crystal. Gift box included.
    Size: H 7 cm, Ø 9,5 cm
    Weight: 800 g

Celebrate the Season with Luxury Christmas Gifts for Your Beloved Ones

Christmas gift giving is one of the season’s most beloved traditions and every year people wonder what Christmas present they should give to their loved ones.
Whether you’re searching for a gift for him, a gift for her, a gift for a couple and beyond, here are the most beautiful things to place under the Christmas tree this year from our online luxury Christmas shop.

Luxury Christmas Gifts for Her

Choosing a luxury christmas gift for a woman is, fortunately, varied.

Here you will find luxury Christmas gifts for the most discerning woman in your life.

As Oscar Wilde once said, “I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

Think of something that she would love but perhaps wouldn’t buy for herself.

Those extra special luxuries will be gratefully received and will make her feel valued.

luxury christmas gift for her

We suggest you a beautiful Fabergé Yellow Gold Red Heart Surprise Locket from Heritage collection for your wife; a couple of Hermès cups as a luxury Christmas gifts for mum or mother-in-law; or a gorgeous Baccarat crystal gift set of two flutes for your besties.

Luxury Christmas Gifts for Him

If you’re shopping for a man, stick to the most popular categories: pen, knifes, lamps and drinkware.

Elegant and amazing crystal figurine of Bengal by Baccarat for his office made with the best material by artisans  or again the best in the world meat slicer by Berkel are all smart Christmas gift choices.

Pininfarina Stylus characterized by a revolutionary design present for dad and, for a husband, a luxury catch-all square tray Cheval d’orient will keep pocket contents neatly in one place.

For friends, a stylish set of 6 different Baccarat whisky glasses work well.

And, if you’re looking for an extra special gift, a Lladrò Atlas figurine will be ideal this December 25th.

crystal gift for him

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Luxury Christmas Gifts for Home

How to choose the right gift for a family?

If you feel comfortable that you know their home style, feel free to gift them something which suits it.

If not, you can simply choose something neutral.

A centrepiece or decorative luxurious plate are the perennial Christmas gift for mum and dad.

But if you’re looking for something a little different, a new cutlery set in a design egg shaped container or new modern cutlery with a gold finish that will add uniqueness to their Christmas tableware.

And, for those close friends who have recently moved into a new home, a beautiful luxury vase.

versace christmas table setting

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Luxury Christmas Gifts for Couples

Luxury Christmas gifts for couples may be a little more difficult to choose, as they may have completely different interests or tastes.

The best option is to narrow your search to the one area that always works: household items.

It’s something they can both enjoy.

The best choice is the luxury breakfast or teacups for 2 people.

And if they like coffee? No problem! All Hermès cups will be a wonderful choice to enjoy together.

crystal flutes vega

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Versace Christmas Gifts

Just get into the luxurious world of Versace collection by Rosenthal.

Be enchanted by the variety and particularity of every single piece.

Choose a luxury Christmas gift that meets all your demands!

Therefore, it can easily bring joy and great delight to your special person, highlighting his elevated status and great taste.

versace christmas gift

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Hermès Christmas Gifts

Have you ever received a Hermès gift?

If the answer is yes, we imagine how pleasantly surprised you were just at the sight of the famous orange box.

Choose a Hermès luxury Christmas gift and you’ll never go wrong!

Any Hermès home gift is a tasteful and refined choice that reveals how much you care.

hermes christmas gift

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Venini Christmas Gifts

Venini Murano Glass are the perfect collector’s vases for your gifts!

The most luxurious Christmas gifts for design lovers, precious mouth blown objects.

Choose here your favorite Venini Vase available for express delivery worldwide!

All of our products come in a beautiful gift box with an elegant greeting card.

murano glass christmas gift

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Luxury Christmas Gifts for Animal Lovers

The luxury Christmas gift for animal lovers is not that difficult to choose.

Just imagine which animal represents the character of that very person for whom this gift should be given or maybe an animal that he really likes.

Owl mask, matte or glazed porcelain panther from Lladro, crystal rabbit or tiger from Baccarat’s Zodiac collection, each of these creations is truly exceptional and can delight absolutely anyone.

Browse through the variety of our offers and choose the right Christmas gift for your animal lover.

zodiac christmas gift

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Luxury Crystal Christmas Gifts

The crystal is believed to help ignite that spark of energy necessary for your love and your soul.

Add an element of luxury to the home of the person you wish to make happy with a crystal vase or exclusive figurines or crystal glasses.

crystal christmas gift saint louis

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Gifts for Guests and Friends

Usually, if you’re entertaining guests at Christmas, it’s nice to send them away with a little memento from their time spent in your home.

Of course, this year is going to be a little different with fewer or no guests. That’s not to say you can’t still gift give from afar.

Easy picks which delight most of them can be small plates by Rosenthal Versace or maybe Bernardaud Votivelights in bisque porcelain like Nutcracker or Love.

baccarat candle gold

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Any question about Luxury Christmas Gifts?

If you have any special requests or require further information about your luxury Christams gifts, Scopelliti 1887 staff will be pleased to assist and advise you.

Call us or send WhatsApp on +39 391 345 6441 or send an email at  and let us know what we can help you with.