Saint Louis Folia Amber Portable Lamp Black Wood

Elevate your space with the Saint Louis Folia Lamp amber crystal and black wood. Immerse yourself in the warmth of amber glow and contemporary design. Perfect for any setting, this portable lamp effortlessly combines elegance with functionality.

Size: Ø 15,4 cm, H 29 cm

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Saint Louis Folia Lamp Amber Crystal, Black Wood and Brushed Brass

Illuminate your space with the epitome of sophistication – the Saint Louis Folia portable lamp. Crafted with precision and adorned with a combination of exquisite materials, this lamp is an exceptional piece that transcends traditional lighting, making it a true statement of elegance. As part of the Folia collection, it showcases the renowned artistic brilliance of Saint Louis, a brand synonymous with quality and timeless design.

Saint Louis Folia amber Lamp characteristics:

  • Brand: Saint Louis
  • Model: Folia
  • Material: Black wood, amber mouth-blown crystal, brushed brass
  • Dimensions: Diameter Ø 15.4 cm (6.1 in), Height 29 cm (11.4 in)
  • Weight: 3 kg
  • Power Source: Rechargeable batteries
  • Light Source: 1 x max 3 W LED, 5V – Dimmer
  • Luminous Flux: 220 lm
  • Color Temperature: 2700 K
  • Maintenance: Wipe clean with a soft dry cloth
  • Origin: Made in France
  • Packaging: Gift box included

Versatile Lighting for Every Setting

The Folia portable lamp is not confined to a single space—it effortlessly fits into various settings, serving as a table or desk lamp, enhancing the ambiance on a terrace, or adding a touch of sophistication to a boat interior. Its contemporary design seamlessly complements diverse decorative styles, positioning it as a standout addition to any space.

Designed by Noe Duchaufour Lawrence

Crafted by the acclaimed designer Noe Duchaufour Lawrence, the Folia lamp features a unique design with staggered bevel-cut crystal, creating a mesmerizing geometric pattern. When illuminated, this pattern comes to life, reflecting the exceptional creative and technical expertise of Saint-Louis’ artisans.

Unmatched Mobility and Convenience

A standout feature of the Folia portable lamp is its mobility. With a rechargeable battery and a cordless LED bulb, it offers the freedom to be used anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. Picture setting the mood for an enchanting outdoor dinner on the terrace with the warm and inviting glow of the Folia lamp. The rechargeable battery ensures longevity, allowing the lamp to last up to 25 hours per charge when used at a low intensity.

The Folia Collection

Curated by Saint Louis, the Folia collection caters to diverse requirements with a range of product types, including sconces, ceiling lights, chandeliers, portable lamps, and a modular system. This collection acknowledges the pivotal role of lighting in a space, offering options for varied heights, widths, and positions—whether mounted on the ceiling, as pendant lights, or as elegant sconces.

Versatility in Finishes

The choice of finishes in the Folia collection is a testament to its versatility. Crystal, wood in various shades, and metal are harmoniously combined, offering options that can seamlessly integrate into any interior design concept. The collection provides a spectrum of finishes to suit individual tastes and preferences.

Luxury in your Home

The Saint Louis Folia portable lamp is more than a lighting fixture; it is a statement piece that combines artistry, functionality, and innovation. Elevate your living space with this exceptional lamp that encapsulates the essence of luxury and timeless design. Illuminate your surroundings with the warmth of amber crystal, the richness of black wood, and the subtle sophistication of brushed brass. Choose Saint Louis Folia for a lighting experience that transcends the ordinary. Illuminate your space with unparalleled sophistication through the Saint Louis Folia portable lamp—an exceptional piece crafted with precision and adorned with a combination of exquisite materials. This lamp, part of the Folia collection, showcases the artistic brilliance of Saint Louis, a brand renowned for its commitment to quality and timeless design.

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