Baccarat Everyday Set of six crystal Tumbler

Baccarat Everyday set of six crystal tumbler with red gift box.

Baccarat’s ‘Everyday’ tumbler set is a melding of glittered elegance and avant-garde design with its streamlined detail and modern silhouette. It includes six different tumbler glasses, all crafted with individual patterns for an unparalleled drinking experience.

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Baccarat Everyday Set of six crystal Tumbler

We all love that late-night glass of whiskey – the smoothness of each sip, that gentle burning and the bitter afternotes that linger. What brand of whiskey you drink is only part of the experience; where you sip your favorite drink from is almost as important.
Discover the new Everyday Baccarat stunning collection of six perfectly and exquisitely crafted fine cut crystal glasses each with a different creative pattern: Béluga, Biba, Rosa, Etna, Véga and Stella. The designs individually showcase a different intricate pattern cut into the piece. Perfect at any time of day to savour your drink of choice, from your morning juices and pre-dinner party spritzers to your favourite whiskey, this set of 6 everyday classic tumblers from Baccarat will have you quenching your thirst in utter luxury. The Everyday Baccarat box is the perfect gift for family, friends and for yourself. Each piece is 3 3/8 tall and holds 6.75 ounces.