Baccarat Roaring Bengal Tiger Figurine Clear


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Baccarat Roaring Bengal Figurine Clear is an outstanding creation perfect for your home. Gift box included.
Size: H 20 cm, W 4.3 in, L 12.6 in
Weight: 2.8 kg


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Majestic, the Bengal Tiger interpreted in crystal by Allison Hawkes illustrates the beauty and charisma of one of the most powerful wild cats.

Lonely predator and formidable night hunter, the Bengal tiger fascinates. Considered a national treasure in Bangladesh, the Royal Tiger is also a symbol of power and royalty in India and China. Hand cut by Baccarat artisans, this resplendent creation by talented animal artist Allison Hawkes conveys all the strength and temperament of the animal. An exceptional piece for lovers of wild nature and a unique gift to celebrate in 2022 the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese horoscope.

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