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Best Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Welcome to Scopelliti 1887, where we curate the epitome of sophistication and romance with our exquisite collection of Luxury Valentine’s Day gifts.

Explore our carefully selected range of opulent presents that go beyond the ordinary, ensuring an unforgettable celebration of love.

Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her:

  • Fabergé Jewels: Continue the theme of opulence with a stunning piece of Fabergé jewelry. A pendant, pair of earrings, or a bracelet adorned with precious gemstones will make for a breathtaking and meaningful gift.
  • Crystal Vases: Enhance her home decor with a beautifully crafted crystal vase. Fill it with her favorite flowers for an added touch of elegance and thoughtfulness.
  • Scented Candles: Upgrade the ambiance of her space with a set of high-end scented candles from a luxury brand. Choose fragrances that cater to her preferences, such as floral, woody, or exotic scents.
  • Luxury Porcelain Mugs: Elevate her coffee or tea experience with these beautifully crafted, delicate vessels that seamlessly combine sophistication with functionality.

Luxury Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

  • Crystal Tumblers: Complement your beloved one with the crystal tumblers. You can also consider a personalized decanter to complete the sophisticated barware collection.
  • Luxury Change Tray: Make a statement of refined taste and thoughtful elegance with our collection of luxury change trays. Perfect for organizing his daily essentials in style, these trays are more than mere accessories – they are a testament to the art of fine living.
  • Luxury Pen: Elevate his writing experience with a finely crafted fountain pen from a prestigious brand. Personalize it with meaningful message for that extra touch.
  • Animal Masks: If he appreciates unique and artistic items, consider a handcrafted, high-quality animal mask made from materials like leather or metal. This could serve as an intriguing and decorative piece for his home.
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Valentine’s Day Gift for Her: a Crystal Bouquet for Your Queen

Flowers are the expression of harmony and elegance. The tradition of choosing a vase as a gift has existed since ancient times.

It is the true demonstration not only of love but also of gratitude towards the woman to whom it is intended.

The vase symbolizes nobility and good taste, an exquisite luxury gift for her that can be handed down to the heirs.

A bouquet on Valentine’s Day is always relevant and there is nothing better than to eternalize this moment by gifting it in a luxurious crystal vase like that of Baccarat.

In addition to graceful functionality, Baccarat vases, such as Balustre in clear crystal or Octagon in red crystal, can add a personal touch to a gift as universal as flowers.

baccarat grand louxor vase

Every woman wants to look beautiful, charming and obviously sophisticated. And the jewels are the main component of her accessories pyramid.

Choose the jewel that fully reflects it, that shows how precious and important it is.

Whether it’s the color of her eyes like Fabergé White Gold Diamond Teal Petite Egg Pendant Heritage or that with a strong character like Fabergé Imperial Zenya White Gold & Diamond Egg Pendant.

Do you want to get more inspiration? Then check out other gift ideas for her.

faberge gold turquoise diamond egg pendant

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Her good morning starts in the morning and she has to start very well. The Mosaique au 24 mug in gold in precious Limoges porcelain will give her the right energy to face her day well.

Her soft colors and geometric lines in precious gold emphasize the genuineness of her feeling towards her. What if the woman is a true coffee lover? Then choose one of the coffee cup sets, from the exclusive collection of the eminent French brand Hermes or from the renowned Rosenthal Versace brand.

The bright shades of highly qualified porcelain are combined with the vibrant colors of the beautiful hand-painted motifs. A wide range of colors will give to your woman the right energy to pass her day well.

hermes tea cup and saucer

Valentine’s Day Gift for Her: A Flame of Love for Two

Your love is eternal and will never go out no matter what.

Don’t miss the chance to prove to your loved one that this is so!

Give the flame of your love with the Bernardaud lithophany or crystal votive candles from Baccarat that will transport you to your dream world.

The light of this small scented candle accentuates the biscuit porcelain, creating an atmosphere full of romanticism.

The refinement of the candle will fill not only the room with light, but also the soul of your sweetheart.

Or maybe you prefer to choose a candleholder? A candleholder is always relevant because it is beautiful.

Furthermore, such an object can perfect and refresh any prevailing style in the home, be it classic, baroque, or modern with a minimalistic touch.

baccarat eye votive set purple

Valentine’s Day Gift for Her: Tell Your Story!

Words are useless if a gift can say so much more. Show her all your love and tell a piece of your story.

A beautiful Baccarat crystal Eye frame with your photograph inside will remind her of that happy moment you shared together.

The extraordinary play of light will create a magnificent visual effect, leaving a reflection of the unforgettable memories.

baccarat eye picture frame

The crystal figurine is a bewitching creature, a balanced thrill with shimmer of sparkling crystal.

Wherever it is, it evokes a sense of movement that expresses its absolute lightness, its grace, its pure beauty.

Whatever the occasion and especcially for Saint Valentine’s day, the crystal butterfly by Baccarat is the perfect gift to symbolize your affection for your beloved graceful woman.

The Baccarat lucky papillon is crafted from the finest crystal, its contours perfectly formed to refract the light.

baccarat butterfly red

Is your sweetheart a romantic nature who loves to dream? She is an artist in search of constant inspiration and harmony. The porcelain figurine is a truly unique Valentine’s Day gift idea that will make her heart beat faster and feel very important and pampered like a true Goddess.

For example, the statuettes the Essence of life or A dream among the flowers by Lladro, reflecting the harmonious spirit in every single detail , will be a very wonderful luxury Valentine’s day gift for her.

Lladro is a synonym of class and softness in the choice of colors, a noble decoration that creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and well-being.

Each creation of the Ladrò brand reflects its own style and the arctic trends of authentic Spanish craftsmanship. Lladro porcelain figurines are the living miniatures, each of which has its own texture, character and mood.

A wide selection of figurines made in a variety of artistic trends will allow you to choose the perfect luxury gift for her gift that loves to receive not only the valuables but the true emotionally deep gifts.

lladro the essence of life porcelain figurine spanish designer

Valentine’s Day Gift for Him: A toast to Your Amour Toujour

Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him can be various. It will be fantastic if you manage to have the perfect combination between the usefulness of the gift and the emotions it will be able to give.

Would you like to make this Valentine’s Day the most magical ever? Surprise the person you love by offering a unique emotion. Toast your love with Baccarat crystal Vega flutes that will make this moment even more special.

The red color shines like your love, it is intense and warm! Or maybe green, so pure and natural with a thousand sparkling cuts! Toast together with Valentine’s Day that the flame of your love remains on forever!

baccarat wine therapy set

Valentine’s Day Gift for Him for a Study Lover

Is your boyfriend constantly looking to acquire new knowledge and skills? Does he appreciate the value of culture and study? Does he love to study and do you always find him immersed in books? He is determined and it shows that he would like to have a better future to share with you.

Surprise him with a pen that never wears out and whose strokes never erase. It is eternal, just like your love! A perfect gift will be the Pininfarina stylus, a symbolic object that will make him understand that he is like a Dante able to discover new infinite horizons, without ever stopping.

Combining the perfect shape with perfect functionality, that’s the mastery of italian design which creates timeless masterpieces. ETHERGRAF®, the modern heir of Silverpoint, is an innovative metal alloy which “scratches” common paper and oxidizes it, leaving a light and romantic mark like graphite, but timeless like ink.

Valentine’s Day Gift for Him for a Practical Mister

Does your love prefer to receive practical and functional gifts even when it comes to such a special occassion? No problem!

Satisfy his preferences and give something really useful, such as the Lalique Masque de Femme change tray in crystal. A more than universal and versatile object will be able to satisfy your needs. It will be a very welcome choice.

Or you can opt for a variety of ashtrays for all the tastes and preferences like the one from Medusa Lumiere or Medusa Ikarus collection from Versace.

daum cavalcade crystal tray amber with horses

Valentine’s Day is the most appropriate occasion to show how many things you have in common, your same passions and interests.

Are you and him both true animal lovers? So why not give away a beautiful figurine in coloured crystal like the panther or a lion by Daum? It is a gift that is not only pleasant but also carries a sense of shared love.

daum panther amber

Does your beloved man is a hard worker who never stops and undoubtedly you would like him to spend his time well even outside of work?

Then, a set of two Talleyrand crystal glasses from Baccarat will make your lounge evenings pleasant and relaxing and will be just perfect as a luxury valentine’s day gift for nim. Your choice will certainly be appreciated.

baccarat louxor tumbler

And if you are looking for a very special luxury Valentine’s day gift, you can choose from a variety of limited edition series.

For example, Venini Clessidra in limited edition series or Four Seasons can be those luxury Valentine’s day gift for man you were looking for.

Uniqueness combined to extraordinary design will add that extra value to your special gift and will leave it speechless.

Whether young or mature, brutal or romantic, adventurous or calm, our men always need our attention.

Choose the gift that best suits your man in its magnificent gift box and give him unforgettable memories!

versace limited edition vases with venini

But What  if You are Not Fully Convinced Yet? Discover Other Luxury Gift Ideas for Him!

This Valentine’s Day, make a statement of love with a gift that speaks volumes. Explore our collection of Luxury Valentine’s Day gifts and create cherished moments that last a lifetime. At Scopelliti 1887, we believe in turning celebrations into unforgettable experiences.

Shop now and indulge in the luxury of love.

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