Luxury Gift for Her: The best Ideas to Impress

baccarat luxury gift for her

Luxury Gift for Her: The best Ideas to Impress

Your beloved woman is a very special person and it is advisable to choose appropriate gifts for her.
The choice of gifts must not depend on one’s tastes but above all on the personal needs of the woman to whom it is intended to be given.
oriente azalea vase collection

Be in Time to Get the Gift!

Absolutely do not delay with your purchases. It is advisable to think in advance about how to choose the gifts.

One might think that the more one thinks about it, the more interesting ideas he will have.

Instead, just the opposite happens. You risk not getting what you want or even be left completely empty-handed. It would be helpful to have some sort of preference list available.

No matter how extravagant or banal they may seem, the important thing will certainly be to his liking and in line with what he would like to have.

On the other hand, if you do not know the person’s tastes well, it is better to give something universal that can please anyone.

baccarat wedding gift
  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Set of 3 Flora Crystal Vases

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    Baccarat Set of 3 Flora Crystal Vases contains 3 vases in clear crystal, just perfect for each home ambiance. Gift box included.

    Height : 18 cm, Diameter: 8 cm

    The Flora Vases set features three distinctive styles for a spectacular trio arrangement, or standalone floral designs.

  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Gift Set 2 Flutes Vega Flutissimo Red

    Use the coupon code: BaccaratGIFT

    Baccarat Gift Set of 2 Champagne Flutes Vega Flutissimo is an amazing set of 2 glasses in red and trasparent crystal. Gift box included.
    Dimensions: H 29 cm, Ø 5,7 cm
    Capacity: 18 cl

  • Mille Nuits

    New Baccarat Mille Nuits Crystal Centerpiece Infinite Medium

    Use the coupon code: BaccaratGIFT

    New Baccarat Mille Nuits Crystal Centerpiece Infinite Medium is an absolute novelty  to let your creativity run free and set up original tables.

    The centerpiece consists of 5 vases: 1 straight models and 4 rounded models of Infinite vases that can be combined in a different way according to your personal preferences.

    Designer: MATHIAS

  • Venini

    Venini Fazzoletto Vase medium red 700.02

    Enjoy 15 % OFF on all VENINI vases!

    Venini Fazzoletto medium vase in mouth-blown and hand-crafted red Murano glass.
    1 pc – Ø 20 cm, h 24 cm (7.87″D – 9.44″H)

    This attractive vase or decorative object from Venini has a subtle yet strong design. Mouth-blown from a gorgeous red Murano glass.
    Handmade. Designed by Fulvio Bianconi & Paolo Venini. Signed at base. Murano glass. Wipe clean with soft dry cloth. Made in Italy.

Make Dreams Come True and Convey the Love Spirit to the Person You Care About Most

The luxury gift for her, so original and unique, accompanied by a delightful personal greeting or perhaps an affectionate dedication becomes even more special, making the perfect combination with the personalized gift box.

This is where the difference is made, because it is those details that distinguish it from the ordinary gift taken in a hurry.

The dedication of one’s time and care in choosing the right gift will certainly be appreciated by anyone who receives it.

So how should this perfect gift be chosen? It must be splendid, practical and original. It must give unique emotions and convey a pinch of magic. Therefore, if you need more inspiration, explore a selection of our best gift ideas and make it unforgettable for you and all your loved ones.

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Let yourself be conquered by our best luxury gift ideas for her and give a unique and rare emotion.
baccarat heart

Would you like to give to your beloved woman the right and cozy atmosphere? So, do it with Porcelain Mugs!

A true lover of luxury aesthetics will deeply appreciate your choice.

Each mug made from the porcelain is a gift that can delight a woman that appreciates the splendor and quality of the unique charm of supreme craftsmanship.

Even the most ordinary breakfast takes on a special meaning with one of these mugs.

versace mug i love baroque black

What if the woman is a true coffee lover? Then choose one of the coffee cup sets, from the exclusive collection of the eminent French brand Hermes or from the renowned Rosenthal Versace brand.

The bright shades of highly qualified porcelain are combined with the vibrant colors of the beautiful hand-painted motifs. A wide range of colors will give to your woman the right energy to pass her day well.

What if the woman prefers tea? Then let her be inspired by  one of the the tea cups from the glorious collections that combine the romantic idyll with the welcoming atmosphere of the home.

The allure of simplicity and elegance make this important luxury gift for her absolutely perfect, a real touch to the laconic perfection.

swarovski signum coffee cup and saucer

If you are looking for a universal luxury gift for her, the ideal solution is a change tray!

The main advantage of a change tray is undoubtedly its versatility. It doesn’t matter for what woman this gift is for, without any shadow of a doubt, it will please absolutely everyone.

Placed at the entrance to put the keys or in the boudoir for her jewelry or again in the office to collect various precious objects on the desk, it will be able to add a luxurious touch of class in every place.

You can choose from the many options available on our website, whether it is in fine Limoges porcelain such as the Hermés change tray or the one from the brand Versace, anyway it will be a perfect choice.

richard ginori square tray large pink il viaggio di nettuno
  • Luxury Gifts for Him

    Versace Square Dish 14 cm Prestige Gala

    Use the coupon code: GIFTforYOU

    Versace Square Dish 14 cm Prestige Gala in finest porcelain is perfect for those who wish to bring home the magnificence of gold and black combined to the sophistication of the Versace patterns. Gift box included.
    Size: 14 cm

  • Versace

    Versace Le Jardin de Versace Square Dish 14 cm by Rosenthal

    Use the coupon code: GIFTforYOU

    The Versace Le Jardin de Versace Square Dish comes tastefully nested in a gift box.

    The exquisite dish features along the rim a golden swirling festoon of acanthus leaves and tendrils enriched with an opulent diversity of insects and coloured blossoms.
    The floral band, enclosed by a fine golden Greek key motif dotted with dainty stylized flowers, enshrines an enchanted orchard where the central opulent strawberries stand out against the pink and golden background ready to be picked by your guests.
    The playfully design symbolise a summer symphony in an enchanted garden, the fascination of distant glamorous epochs and elegance – this is the world of Versace. read more...

    Gianni Versace’s artistic influence in the world of fashion was virtually unparalleled.
    His legacy can now be experienced also in home decòr owing to its marriage with Rosenthal high quality porcelain.
    Versace by Rosenthal is an extraordinary collection resulting in high quality tableware and giftware in contemporary designs.
    Le Jardin de Versace is an enchanting fairy tale garden, a romantic porcelain dream in soft pastel shades and an opulent diversity of blossoms, berries, ladybirds and butterflies that delicately rest on the golden intertwined branches.
    Recollection of the sumptuous gardens in Louis XVI style, the delicate turquoise and deep red, lots of gold, different shades of blue and green all lend the pattern a lightness of being that evokes springtime joyful feelings perfectly.
    The ornaments hand painted with fine golden accents combine to playfully symbolize a perfect summer symphony and create a perfect harmony that has the power to enchant.
    Each collection piece has its own individual character.
    There are plates where the butterfly dominates at the centre of a golden twine resting on a pastel shade pink; there are also smaller plates, ideal as wedding favours, where the golden branches border giving greater emphasis to the coloured butterflies which flutter over the sky blue centre.
  • Les Reves Byzantins

    Versace Square Dish 15 cm Les Reves Byzantins

    Use the coupon code: GIFTforYOU

    Versace Square Dish 15 cm Les Reves Byzantins in finest porcelain comes tastefully nested in a gift box.
    Size: 15 cm

    A shell pink gold frame borders the dish adorned by overflowing gold baroque floral designs and bordered by exquisite braided friezes.
    The pattern recalls a window overlooking oriental landscapes through overgrown wild plants which will carry your guests through an oriental voyage .
    The refined article is ideal as a centre piece on a classic table top or as a gift for a very special occasion.

  • Ginori 1735

    Ginori Square Tray Large Pink il Viaggio di Nettuno


    Ginori Square Tray Large Pink il Viaggio di Nettuno (Neptune’s Voyage) with Impero shape is an amazing porcelain item that will add a special flair to any home. Gift box included.
    Size: 24,5 cm

    Made in Italy.

Jewelry can become that particular detail able to highlight her style and uniqueness.

A real woman prefers traditions and will be pleased to receive a jewelery as a luxury gift for her.

It’s better to choose a jewel that mostly represents her sophisticated and elegant personality.

Made in gold or silver, with gemstones or without, jewelry was always a synonym of high status, uniqueness and their particular value makes each woman become even more precious and meaningful.

Show your love and affection with unique jewelry luxury gift for her and it will definitely be the right choice to make!

faberge jewelry
luxury gift for her

A luxury gift for her if she is a decor lovers? Undoubtedly a Vase should be choosen! The tradition of choosing a vase as a gift has existed since ancient times.

It is the true demonstration not only of love but also of gratitude towards the woman to whom it is intended. The vase symbolizes nobility and good taste, an exquisite luxury gift for her that can be handed down to the heirs.

Choosing a magnificent vase as a luxury gift for her means showing your attention in a very special way.

If you are looking for luxury gift for her that will be even more important and original? Then, choose Venini’s Art Glass.
Each Venini vase is a real work of art, one of a kind.

For almost a century Venini has been able to combine the innovation of technologies with the tradition of production, always keeping up with the times.

Made of blown Murano glass they are a sign of exquisite luxury and the real Made in Italy.

The innovative methods make it possible to obtain a particularly resistant and durable product.

Surprising with their original and unrepeatable shapes, each Venini creation such as the Venini Re vase milk breathes the profound sense of art. Thanks to the harmony achieved with its own design, the Venini vase will become a perfect luxury gift for her.

venini murano glass new color magenta

The Baccarat crystal vase is an elite vase, a chef-d’œuvre in the luminous world of crystals.

The crystal vases with their laconic forms emphasize the idea of ​​restraint and at the same time the severity that their style symbolizes.

Baccarat vases attract the eye and are able to change the perception of the space around us.

In addition to their graceful functionality, Baccarat vases, such as Eye in purple crystal or Octagon in red crystal, can add a personal touch to a simple and genuine setting. Vases in fine crystal are unique and extraordinarily beautiful products. They can be an excellent and delicious luxury gift for her.

baccarat eye crystal vases

Although the relevance of the candleholder falls on the era of the absence of electricity, however, it has not lost its importance and attractiveness to this day.

If before it had a purely functional role, in modern times it becomes an object of decoration and a romantic accessory that creates a special atmosphere.

So why not choose a candleholder as a luxury gift for her?

A candleholder is always relevant because it is beautiful.

Furthermore, such an object can perfect and refresh any prevailing style in the home, be it classic, baroque, or modern with a minimalistic touch.

saint louis bubbles candlestick presentation

Timeless Luxury Gift for Her

In particular, the Harcourt Our Fire silver clear crystal candleholder or the Mille Nuits double flame candelabrum by Baccarat are just perfect.

With their powerful lines and architectural style, classic as well as modern, each of these exceptional pieces will create a solemn and mysterious atmosphere with the flickering and pendent lights of the crystal.

The candleholder is an excellent luxury gift for her, an element of the décor that can give light, warmth and a real touch of splendour to any environment.

saint louis oxymore small candlestick presentation

The crystal figurine is a bewitching creature, a balanced thrill with shimmer of sparkling crystal.

Wherever it is, it evokes a sense of movement that expresses its absolute lightness, its grace, its pure beauty.

The crystal butterfly by Baccarat is open like a fan, its majestic wings characterize the poetic contours of the professionalism of the its craftsmen.

Butterflies symbolize the embodiment of joy and love, harmony in itself. A butterfly figure is a truly elegant luxury gift for her that will bring only good to its owner and will have a beneficial effect on the place where it is located.

baccarat lucky butterfly diamond gold

If you decide to choose a set of crystal glasses, you should know that this gift is not only extremely beautiful but is also very practical and useful.

The original and creative design of the glasses will please all those women that are constantly looking for a splendour in their everyday life.

Whether it will be a time-tested classics or original and modern shapes, each of them are perfect at any time of the day to enjoy her favourite drinks, from morning juice to after dinner bitters.

In particular, crystal glasses like Baccarat set of flutes or a set of cocktail coloured glasses by Saint Louis will be able to decorate the interior of any kitchen or living room in a luxurious way.

The set of crystal glasses is a luxury gift for her chosen with love and taste that will fully please your beloved woman.

baccarat flute champagne mille nuits flutissimo moss
  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Everyday Les Minis Gift Set

    Use the coupon code: BaccaratGIFT

    Baccarat Everyday Les Minis Gift Set is a perfect for anyone who loves Baccarat’s crystal creations.
    C.ty: 2 oz each
    This set contains 6 mini Tumblers: a mini Harmonie, mini Rohan, mini Parma, mini Orio, mini Talleyrand and a mini Massena.

  • Saint Louis

    Saint Louis Set of 6 Cocktail Tommy Glasses

    Use the coupon code: CRYSTALGIFT

    Saint Louis Set of 6 Tommy Cocktail Glasses in mouthblown, hand-cut crystal glass. Gift box included.
    H 16.4 cm, ø 11.7 cm, 25 cl

    The attention given to detail in the cutting process as facet cutting, ball cutting and diamond cutting are what makes this classic line from the year 1928 into one of the most coveted creations in crystal glass craftsmanship.

  • Saint Louis

    Saint Louis Amadeus Crystal Hock Light Blue

    Use the coupon code: CRYSTALGIFT

    Saint Louis Amadeus light blue Roemer in mouthblown, hand-cut crystal glass. Gift box included.
    H 24.2 cm, ø 8.5 cm, 28 cl

  • Baccarat

    Baccarat 4 Eléments crystal Tumblers Set

    Use the coupon code: BaccaratGIFT

    Baccarat crystal 4 Elements tumblers set with gift box.
    Size: Height 10,5 cm, Ø 8,2 cm, cont 35 cl

    The Set-of-Four Element Crystal Glasses by Baccarat is rendered in expertly hand-sculptured crystal and features four cocktail tumblers as served exclusively at the Baccarat Hotel in New York.

The picture frame surpassed its original purpose long time ago. It is not just a simple element of the décor but it carries within it a much deeper meaning. It brings back the pleasant emotions of past events in the people to whom it is given.

A variety of styles and many finishes allow you to choose a gift picture frame that best suits your beloved woman. It helps to enhance the best moments of her life with lots of pleasure and taste.

The elegant picture frames attract attention with their creative and luxurious design.

In particular, an extraordinary play of light of the Eye frame in clear crystal from Baccarat or the attractive design of the frame of Rosenthal Versace in the finest white porcelain with its beautiful golden baroque ornaments create a fantastic visual effect, passing on a reflection of memories unforgettable.

Such a magnificent luxury gift for her will take its rightful place in the house, filling it with the joy of pleasant memories.

baccarat candleholder gold philippe starck

Lladro is a synonym of class and softness in the choice of colors, a noble decoration that creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and well-being.

Each creation of the Ladrò brand reflects its own style and the arctic trends of authentic Spanish craftsmanship.

Lladro porcelain figurines are the living miniatures, each of which has its own texture, character and mood.

A wide selection of figurines made in a variety of artistic trends will allow you to choose the perfect luxury gift for her gift that loves to receive not only the valuables but the true emotionally deep gifts.

For example, the statuettes A kiss under the mistletoe or A dream among the flowers, reflecting the harmonious spirit in every single detail , will be a very wonderful luxury gift for her.

lladro the mother figurine
  • Lladró

    Lladró The Essence Of Life Porcelain Figurine

    Use the coupon code: EMOTIONS to get 20 % OFF

    LLADRO THE ESSENCE OF LIFE family porcelain figurine with gift box. Sculptor: Ernest Massuet, Release year 2011 Size: 23 x 25 cm This amazing The Essence of Life matte porcelain piece depicts a wonderful sitting family. A protective and loving father is embracing the mother as they admire their new born baby that she cradles in her arms. Every part of their matte white bodies expresses closeness, their arms touch naturally and just like the way the new born baby is nested in his mother’s arms the woman is nested in her man’s embrace. This piece would be a perfect gift for a baby shower.

  • Lladró

    Lladró Just You and Me Eternal Love Porcelain Figurine

    Use the coupon code: EMOTIONS to get 20 % OFF

    Lladró Just You Me Porcelain Figurine is an amazing sculpture that masterfully captures a couple in a warm and passionate embrace. It means eternal love.

    Sculptor: José Luis Santes
    Size: H 49 cm, W 19 cm, L 16 cm

  • Lladró

    NEW Lladró My Favourite Gown Figurine Limited Edition

    Use the coupon code: EMOTIONS to get 20 % OFF

    Lladró My Favourite Gown Figurine Limited Edition in matte porcelain depicts a beautiful young woman dressed for a gala event. Gift box included.
    Designer: José Santaeulalia
    Size: Height 34 cm, Width 26 cm, Length 15 cm

    The Lladró 2022 Annual Piece

  • Lladró

    Lladró The Mother Porcelain Figurine

    Use the coupon code: EMOTIONS to get 20 % OFF

    LLADRO THE MOTHER porcelain figurine with gift box.
    Sculptor: José Javier Malavia, Release year 2008
    Size: 22 x 22 x 18 cm

    Your order will be wrapped especially without any additional cost and you can also include a personalized gift note.

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