Pininfarina Pen Piuma Leonardo 500th Edition


Pininfarina Pen that oxidizes paper. This wonderful object has been created to honor the great italian genius Leonardo Da Vinci.
100% made in Italy!

A new, revolutionary idea of creative writing.
ETHERGRAF®, the modern heir of Silverpoint, is an innovative metal alloy which “scratches” common paper and oxidizes it, leaving a light and romantic mark like graphite, but timeless like ink.

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In the early 1500s Leonardo devoted attention to the study of flight and the design of a flying machine. He thought of producing a treatise on flight divided into four chapters. The treatise was never completed but, at the beginning of 1505, he wrote part of the Codex on the Flight of Birds, kept in the Biblioteca Reale of Turin, whose purpose was to understand the secret of flight.
The reflections on these texts left by Leonardo, led to the creation of Piuma, a writing instrument made entirely of wood, with a dynamic shape, which reminds the shape of goose feather and studies on flight. Piuma rests in constant equilibrium on a mirrored steel pedestal through which the mirror signature of the master is reflected.