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Lladro Maternity Gifts

Each of these one of a kind Lladro masterpieces is handmade and hand-painted in Spain by the world’s best porcelain artisans.
Women’s figures have always been the undisputed protagonists of Lladró’s catalogue. Women are present in many of his most exceptional porcelain creations. Mothers have served to express beauty, strength and courage.

A Gift For Her

What a way to say “Thanks for carring our baby”.
With the Mother collection from Lladro you can express your love for your better half giving her an item that encapsulates the meaning of your love for her.

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    Lladró The Essence Of Life Porcelain Figurine

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    LLADRO THE ESSENCE OF LIFE family porcelain figurine with gift box. Sculptor: Ernest Massuet, Release year 2011 Size: 23 x 25 cm This amazing The Essence of Life matte porcelain piece depicts a wonderful sitting family. A protective and loving father is embracing the mother as they admire their new born baby that she cradles in her arms. Every part of their matte white bodies expresses closeness, their arms touch naturally and just like the way the new born baby is nested in his mother’s arms the woman is nested in her man’s embrace. This piece would be a perfect gift for a baby shower.

Baby Shower Gift

When someone is invited to a baby shower, often the guest is looking for a gift that is original and can transmit the joy and happiness of the upcoming event.

Lladro’s collections of porcelain handmade figurines will surely bring a big smile to the lucky person who is going to unwrap that gift.