Pininfarina Aero

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Pininfarina AERO

“Shaping eternity”

Design hand-in-hand with technology, tradition and innovation have given us the PININFARINA AERO.  Inspired by the great Leonardo Da Vinci, who used a technique known as “silverpoint”, Pininfarina created a new technology in the field of indelible writing.
The futuristic body made of exclusive aerospace materials and forged according to the principle of torsion, moulds matter evoking the infinity symbol.
To create contrast, a rough base in unrefined concrete. Different materials, opposites that complement and attract each other to give life to a new chapter in the story of the written word.


The ETHERGRAF® tip “scratches” the paper at the microscopic level, oxidizing it and thus leaving a light but precise mark. Thanks to its porosity, common paper perfectly reacts to the passage of the metal tip.
You can have one thousand pens, but amongst all of those, the ethergraf styluses of Pininfarina will be the ones to attract the attention of people with true class.
That’s why these styluses transform themselves into the perfect design accessory for those who always like having a story to tell.

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