Lladró Goodnight My Loving Mother Angel Porcelain Figurine


LLADRO GOODNIGHT MY LOVING MOTHER ANGEL porcelain figurine with gift box.
Sculptor Javier Molina, Release year 2013
Size 35 x 9 cm

A young mother is holding her naked baby in her arms as a form of blissful protection.
The woman’s figure is idealized, with synthetic features: the colours are pastel shades, except for the shoulder length hair, which contrasts with the light skin tone and a straight linear white dress. read more...

In turn, it conveys the tenderness of the scene, with the woman’s eyes lovingly looking down on the baby in a wrapping and embracing posture.
The pure lines and synthetic modelling give this piece a highly distinctive style.
The satin-finish matt used ensures a smooth feel which invites one to hold the piece as in an embrace.

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