Bernardaud Lithophanes

bernardaud lithophanes

Bernardaud’s Lithophanes

The Lithophane is a traditional engraving technique on a fine bisque (non-glazed) porcelain that was invented in Limoges in 1828. Bernardaud still use it to craft beautiful votives that come in a wide variety of decor. The glow of the candle shines through the raised and carved surface of the votive, contrasting light against shadow and thus revealing its richly detailed design.

The light of small scented candles highlights the transparency of the biscuit porcelain. The lithophanes with delicate and meticulous work of bas-relief create a romantic and dreamlike atmosphere.
The lithophanes are 7 cm high with a saucer diameter of 11 cm. The scented candle and the guarantee certificate are included. Various decorations are available that represent flowers, cities, art, animals, etc.
When the candle lights up, each of them comes to life and takes us into a fairytale world.

For the Animal Lover

What’s your favourite animal? Bernardaud Lithophanes collection include beautiful engraved meaninful designs. The Dogs and the Cats lights will sit beautifully next to each other without fighting. The Bear light represents strenght and the Butterfly light is a symbol of elegance.

Touring the World

Would you like to travel the world without leaving your home? Bernardaud has collections with engravings of the most beautiful cities in the world. There include Paris, Venice, New York and so many more…

Say it with a Flower

With the flowers collections and the included scented candle, these lights will transform your home into a meadow. The collection includes Roses, Magnolia, Daysies, Cherry Blossom and more.
Flowers wilt but these porcelain work of art will last forever.