Lladró Family Table Lamp


Sculptor: José Luis Santes, Release year 2014.
Size: 63 x 35 cm

The Lladro Porcelain Family Table Lamp is a precious memory of one’s family to cherish, or a wonderful wedding gift.
An explosion of family warmth is experienced through the delicate and mesmerizing matte white nude composition, where the great care for details in the facial expressions and gestures triumphs. read more...

The mother is sitting in a mermaid pose on a rock draped in soft fabric which partially covers her sensual forms.
The child sitting on her lap playfully seeks a contact with the father who elegantly leans against them in a relaxed standing position with his legs crossed and plays with his child’s adorable feet.
The lamp is completed by an essential modern rectangular shade.
A stunning centre piece for any Home.

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