Lladro Porcelain New Collection

lladro porcelain new collection

Lladro Porcelain New Collection


Lladro Porcelain New Collection from the world famous Spanish brand is a new released novelty, exquisite and beautiful objects that will captivate anyones attention. Despite its impressive production, Lladro remains an artisan workshop, whose works are exhibited in the largest museums in the world.

Each year Lladro releases several collections in collaboration with various designers. All the items are entirely handmade, some of them in limited series and that allows the brand to remain always relevant and modern.

Lladro is a Spanish family business specializing in the manufacture of a great variety of porcelain products from elegant candlesticks, vases to beautiful figurines.

The three Lladro brothers from Valencia created their own porcelain world at their home workshop. Lately, they began to improve the technology and craftsmanship in making figurines and updated the design.

The figurines from Lladro porcelain new collection are real pieces of delicate art that must be contemplated with a pure vision full of love and tenderness.

The only way to perceive the true essence and the pure soul of the figurines is to fully understand their magnificence and splendor.

  • Lladró

    Lladró Flamenco Soul Woman Figurine

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    Lladró Flamenco Soul Woman Figurine in gloss porcelain. Gift box included.
    Designer: Raul Rubio
    Size: Height 43 cm, Width 19 cm, Length 15 cm

    This porcelain piece captures the essence of the Andalusian woman, a prototype bound to the land and a certain way of understanding life. This young woman’s gaze contains the art of flamenco and the charm of an open, generous and happy people.

  • Lladró

    Lladró Goddess Saraswati Figurine

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    Lladró Goddess Saraswati Figurine in gloss and matte porcelain. Gift box included.
    Designer: Virginia González
    Size: Height 26 cm, Width 18 cm, Length 15 cm

    The story goes that Saraswati was so beautiful that her husband Brahma had four heads so that he could see her from any direction. Lladró artists, absolute masters in the control of porcelain, have captured her beauty with the excellence, precision and refinement called for by all Hindu gods.

Lladro Porcelain Crocodile Figurine

One of the most exceptional pieces from the new Lladro porcelain collection is a Crocodile made of a combination of glazed and matt porcelain with elements of a copper luster.

The length of this amazing figurine is over 50 centimeters long, so it can be an impressive detail inside every kind of interior.

Lladró craftsmen once again demonstrated their unique ability to immortalize  movement in statics.

The Lladro porcelain figurine very realistically of the animal.

The Lladro porcelain crocodile figurine symbolizes strength, savagery and ferocity of this wild animal perfectly conveying its character and strong personality.

Lladro porcelain crocodile figurine can become a luxurious gift and a magnificent interior decoration.

Lladro porcelain figurine Antelope is an absolute new arrival to the Fierce Portraits collection.

Together with other three incredible creations, Lladro porcelain manufacture expanded this wonderful collection entirely dedicated to Africa.

Contemporary design combined to the originality of decorative elements enhance the beauty of the traditional African masks.

Different animal, each one with its own personality, were brought together by Lladro porcelain, creating outstanding design collective pieces.

Lladro porcelain antelope mask is made in glazed black and white porcelain with precious golden details. It can be placed on the wall or be put on the table thanks to the flat metallic support hat comes with the mask.

  • Lladró

    Lladró Antelope Mask Fierce Portraits NEW

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    Lladró Antelope Mask Fierce Portraits NEW in gloss porcelain, decorated in white, black & golden luster. Gift box included.
    Size: Height 57 cm, Width 39 cm, Length 18 cm.
    Porcelain creation inspired by traditional African masks with a contemporary design and great decorative power. A collection that brings together different animals.

The Guest figurine originally created by Jaime Hayon this year takes a new realization.In collaboration with a French artist Guillaume Grando aka Supakitch that is very famous for his works with illusion of light movement and water, Lladro porcelain created this new version of this exception and charismatic figurine.

Lladro porcelain figurine is realized in two classic sizes that is large limited edition series and a small numbered editions series.

  • Lladró

    Lladró The Guest by Supakitch Figurine Small Numbered Edition

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    Lladró The Guest by Supakitch Figurine Small Numbered Edition in gloss porcelain. Gift box included.
    Designer: Supakitch
    Sculptor: Raul Rubio
    Size: Height 30 cm, Width 11 cm, Length 11 cm

    The small version of The Guest is the contribution by the renowned designer Supakitch to the project which invites leading artists from around the world to personalize this special character.

The Large model is made using blu palette. The small one is made using a gradient of yellow and blue color.

This Lladro porcelain figurine is covered with lustrous waves obtained on the glazed porcelain to recreate the desired water effect.

Being a limited edition of only 300 pieces, the large version of The Guest by Supakitch will become an exquisite gift for all the collectors of Lladro figurines.

Lladro porcelain Atlas figurine is a new creation that joined the Myths Collection, dedicated to Greek and Roman mythology.

Handcrafted in white porcelain, this figurine illustrates a really strong man that holds the golden sphere on his arms to keep the universe balance.

According to the legend, he was a son of Iapetus and the nymph Klymene and after his revolt against titans he was obliged to keep the sky on his shoulders as a punishment.

The creation of this incredible Lladro porcelain figurine required 12 different shapes in order to compose the final figurine. And this detail makes it be even more exceptional.

Lladrò porcelain figurine Cat Catrina is an ode to a popular Mexican image of death La Catrina depicted in a form of the beautiful feline.

This intricate Lladrò porcelain figurine is made in glazed black porcelain with colored elaborated details that show the peculiarity of its ethnical design.

Roses and bones, red hearts with white counter and eyes decorated with flowers, all these details makes this Lladro porcelain figurine become a truly exceptional piece.

The Cat Catrina figurine is handcrafted in Spain by the talented artisans of Lladro.

  • Lladró

    Lladró Catrina Cat Porcelain Figurine

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    Lladrò porcelain figurine inspired by La Catrina, the famous Mexican image of death, this time represented in the guise of a cat.

    Size: 17 cm x 17 cm h 31 cm

    Your figurine will be wrapped especially without any additional cost and you can also include a personalized gift note.

    FREE Worldwide Shipping

  • Lladró

    Lladrò Conversation Large Grey Vase

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    LLADRO Large glossy porcelain vase designed by Jaime Hayon with modern design and black and grey decoration
    Size: 31 x 31 cm h 52 cm

    Exclusive breakage insurance included.

    FREE Worldwide Shipping

Lladro porcelain Conversation Vases take part of the Jaime Hayon’s Fantasy Collection.

Both of these fantastic creations amalgamate the classy Lladro porcelain style with exceptional and so unique signature of the talented Spanish artist.

Contemporary style and eclectic elegance of their design make these vases become truly inspirational.

Lladro porcelain Panther figurine takes part of the Origami collection and this year obtains new color shades. The intense navy blue, coral red color enhanced by the matte structure of the porcelain make a great match with a new glazed black panther.

Lladro porcelain Panther figurine was inspired by the traditional Japanese art of folding paper. Distinctive geometric cuts accentuate the personality and strength of this animal.

  • Lladró

    Lladró Panther Figurine Black Glazed

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    Lladró Panther Figurine Black Glazed. Gift box included.
    Designer: Marco Antonio Noguerón
    Size: Height 19 cm, Width 50 cm, Length 12 cm

    Finished in glazed black porcelain, the conceptual treatment increases the piece’s expressiveness and strength.

  • Lladró

    Lladró Panther Figurine black matte

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    Lladró Panther Figurine black matte. Gift box included.
    Designer: Marco Antonio Noguerón
    Size: Height 19 cm, Width 50 cm, Length 12 cm

    Matte porcelain sculpture by Pantera with a geometric approach, inspired by Japanese Origami art, which consists of shaping objects through continuous folding of paper. It has a black decoration with the unique touch of color in the eyes, but in a glossy finish.

  • Lladró

    Lladró Panther Figurine Blue Matte

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    Lladró Panther Figurine Blue Matte. Gift box included.
    Designer: Marco Antonio Noguerón
    Size: Height 19 cm, Width 50 cm, Length 12 cm

  • Lladró

    Lladró Panther Figurine Coral Matte

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    Lladró Panther Figurine Coral Matte. Gift box included.
    Designer: Marco Antonio Noguerón
    Size: Height 19 cm, Width 50 cm, Length 12 cm

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