Hermes Gift in Gift Wrapped Box

hermes gift box

Hermes Gift in Gift Wrapped Box

Have you ever received a Hermès gift? If the answer is yes, we imagine how pleasantly surprised you were just at the sight of the famous orange box.

How about giving somebody else the same thrill with a fantastic Hermès gift, whatever the occasion?
Usually, when it comes to choosing a gift, we spend a lot of time trying to make the right choice. However, regardless of our desire to buy something original and unique, most of the time we end up picking something unimaginative and boring.

Choose instead a Hermès home gift and you’ll never go wrong! Any Hermès home gift is a tasteful and refined choice that reveals how much you care.

hermes crystal glasses iskender

Add a Card to your Hermes Gift

How can you show how heartfelt your gift is? A very nice touch would be giving your present and extra value by adding a card with a personal message.

Write your message in the textbox on the checkout page and we will print it on a card and enclose it to the Hermès gift of your choice

Hermes gift packaging

All of our Hermès porcelain gifts come carefully packed in the stylish orange signature box!

Giving a Hermès porcelain gift is an elegant and stylish choice. Hermès porcelain gifts are the most exclusive home accessories and they are always very welcome. Anybody receiving a Hermès gift won’t be able to hide the pleasure of being given something so classy and refined. And the thrill begins as soon as the orange box is spotted…

Being authorized dealers of Hermès porcelain, we always pack Hermès gifts exclusively in the signature Hermès orange box with its dark brown ribbon.

Hermes Gift – Change Trays

When it comes to home accessories, Hermès change trays are always a successful and versatile gift.

Each tray has a suede finish on the bottom to keep your fancy wood surfaces scratch free.

Whether you choose to show off the tray as an art piece on your coffee table or to use it for adding a splash of colour to your dining room, these little porcelain beauties are an endless feast for the eyes.

new hermes sushi plate soleil

Hermes Gift – Square Plates

Usually we think of Hermès Square Plates as luxury accessories to complement the furniture of any refined living area. However, here’s a new idea: why not use a Hermès square plate to spruce up an office desk top?

After all, who says that an office must be boring and dull? Add colour and sparkle to any environment, even an office, with one of this Hermès gift.

Hermès Square Plate come in different size and patterns, therefore it’s easy to pick the perfect one to suit the personality of the person we want to give it to.

hermes balcon du quadalquivir square tray

Hermes Gift – Cake Plates

Every family owns a cake plate, but sometimes the brand makes the difference. If you want your gift to be a sure hit, choose a Hermès Cake Plate.

Whatever the celebration, serving a cake on a Hermès Cake Plate will make every family gathering more special and classy.

Hermès Cake Plate are a feast for the eyes and for the palate too, considered what they are used for!

hermes tart platter soleil d'hermes

Hermes Amazing Vases

Finding the perfect gift for a couple can be tricky, but looking for a gift for a couple who already has everything can be really challenging and nightmarish.

Our expert tip is to choose something they can both enjoy, like a luxury Hermès Vase.

Pick one of the Hermès Vases choosing among the various collections available and be sure to satisfy even the most difficult people you know.

hermes gift vase

Hermes Gift – Ashtray

A useful gift like an ashtray doesn’t have to be ordinary. Choose class and elegance and impress your friends who smoke with a luxury Hermès Ashtray.

The Hermès Ashtray features the trademark golden mosaic pattern and an H imprinted in the middle.

hermes ashtray mosaique au 24 gold

Hermes Gift – Centerpieces

Instead of the usual vase full of flowers, a Hermès Centrepiece is a stylish way of dressing up your table.

Flat or bowl-shaped, bright and colourful or more soberly patterned, a Hermès centrepiece will be the focal point of any table.

Choose among the various motifs and shapes available and make a gift to impress people with.

hermes home collection

Hermes Gift – Cheval d’Orient Tea Set

The Cheval d’Orient tea set contains six Hermès teacups, each one featuring a different horse design, and six saucers, all arranged into the unique Hermès orange gift box. The majestic Arabian horses depicted sideways on the cups convey a sense of joy and freedom. Resplendent in their brightly coloured saddles, they seem to have just escaped from a Persian legend.

The floral and multicolour pattern dotted with gold on the edge and bottom of the cups evoke the luxury lifestyle of the long lost Persian Empire. A truly special Hermès porcelain gift.

hermes tea cup and saucer cheval

Hermes Gift – 2 Coffee Cup Set

Nothing beats the feeling of holding a warm coffee cup in your hands in a cold winter morning. An elegant Hermès 2 Coffee Cup Set is a useful but classy gift idea to be enjoyed and treasured for years.

And don’t forget, that all of our Hermès porcelain gifts come carefully packed in the stylish orange signature box!

hermes espresso cup soleil

Hermes Gift – 2 Tea Cup Set

Imagine relaxing with a cup of tea, together with your partner… nice picture, isn’t it?

It will be even nicer if the teacups come from one the Hermès 2 Teacup Sets!

Show a couple of friends how much you care with this stylish porcelain Hermès gift!

new hermes tableware

Uniqueness of Hermes Porcelain Gifts

Only Hermès can manage to create a collection featuring 32 different colours without being tacky, but on the contrary, refined and stylish.  Passifolia is the latest Hermès collection, presented this year in January. This collection is already available to pre-order in our online shop. The approximate month of delivery should be September/October. If you like the Passifolia collection, order it now to enjoy it next Christmas!

Any question about Hermes Gifts?

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