Hermes Jaguar Vase Very Large Carnets d’Equateur


Hermes Jaguar Vase Very Large, Carnets d’Equateur, Limoges porcelain. Gift box included.
Height: 35.5 cm (13.98″ H)

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Hermes Jaguar Vase Carnets d’Equateur is simply wonderful. Considered a protector and symbol of power, jaguars personify the mysterious beauty of the Amazon. This iconic species plays a vital role in its habitat by controlling other species’ populations and helping maintain a healthy ecosystem. The jaguar is representative of valor.  For some, the jaguar represents the power to face one’s fears, or to confront one’s enemies. Receiving Hermes Jaguar Vase as a gift could encourage the person to act without worrying about his failure, therefore giving him the brave to resolve its problems… You can also see the Hermes Vase with tiger.

The extensive tableware of Hermes Carnets d’Equateur ranging from butter to presentation plates, bowls, tea sets and vases brings to life on the white porcelain canvas the stunning black and white sketches portraying the wild cats together with an array of other wild creatures some well-known like jaguars, lions, tigers, elephants and toucans and others more unique like the Mazama, the capuchin monkey and the woolly monkey.
The depth of the porcelain set conveys a profound empathy for the harmonious and fabulous animal kingdom with a desire to capture and preserve its soul on a refined table top.

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