Hermes Cutlery

hermes cutlery

Hermes Cutlery

Do you want to impress? – Welcome to the world of Hermes cutlery!

Every tableware collection of Hermes bears the earmarks of the people who are enamoured with the nature and animals, especially with horses and everything related to them. And it is no accident that its logo, since the 1950s, is of a Duc carriage with horse, as the history of the whole brand started once as a harness workshop in Paris.

Hermes Perfection

The contemporary Hermès collections charm with a variety of design solutions and many different forms, and each piece exudes the romance of Paris – the city of love – and the passion of Hermès for its creations, as every single item produced by Hermès is steeped in “traditions of refined elegance”.

There are no insignificant elements, every small detail is perfected by Hermès, no matter if it is about the delicate lines of Hermès Carnets d’Equateur or the vigorous brushwork of Hermès Cheval d’Orient.

hermes attelage cutlery

1. Hermes Cutlery Gold – Grand Attelage

Whichever Hermès collection you enjoy the most, there is an addition that will suit each and every of them and the name of this addition is Hermès Grand Attelage.

Your table will be incredibly different, the simplicity and elegance of Hermes Attelage cutlery will make everything unique.

The timeless collection will complement any tabletop theme and is guaranteed to awe at gatherings.

hermes cutlery attelage

2. Hermes Silver Plated Cutlery Collection

Hermes cutlery collection was created to perfect even the most elaborate table setting. No matter if you are giving a wedding dinner party for a hundred picky guests, or having an ordinary family dinner, no one will remain indifferent to this unconventional flatware by Hermès.

The silver plated Attelage Flatware collection by Hermès was born to impress the viewer by its eccentric design and at the same time to surprise the user by its unusual handiness.

This is achieved due to the peculiar handle shape, inspired by the hook of a harness buckle – a piece used in tandem carriage-driving.

hermes silver plated flatware

3. Hermes Stainless Steel Flatware Collection

And as the whole Hermès is about making a big impression, the table setting is not the only way to exhilarate your guests, there’s much more to it when it comes to Hermès cutlery: Hermes Attelage Salad serving fork and a matching Hermes Attelage Salad serving spoon will make even the salad serving a lovely process to admire; Hermès Attelage Pie/cake server will make a wonderful gift for a cake-lover; Hermès Attelage Soup ladle and Hermès Attelage Serving fork will make the real objects of art in serving; and Hermès Attelage set of small tumblers in crystal, either green, or purple, or yet amber will apply a lovely finishing touch to the most festive table setting.

Hermes 5-piece Cutlery set for you

If you have decided to pamper yourself, you could start with a set of this extraordinary 5 Hermes cutlery set that is unrivaled … you will feel special and your table will suddenly be a banquet:)

The extravagant Hermès Attelage Flatware collection is available in gold-plated, silver-plated and stainless steel, and each five-piece set includes one of each of the Dinner Knife, Dinner Fork, Dinner Spoon, Dessert Fork and Dessert Spoon.

If you are not going crazy for Attelage design, you can also choose very fashion simpler HTS stainless steel cutlery.

Hermes Cutlery & Table Setting

Hermès Attelage Flatware turns the table layout into a real artistic endeavor as this unique flatware is able to make even the plainest tableware prominent, appealing the glances of the most sophisticated guests, and at the same time it won’t outshine the most exuberant set of plates, but will gently complete the layout by adding a dash of starlight to the whole setting.

You can combine these cutlery, both the golden, silver plated or stainless steel variant with any of the Hermes luxury tableware:

Hermes Cutlery lasts forever

No matter whether you choose gold-plated, silver-plated or stainless steel Hermès Attelage cutlery, it will make a perfect timeless gift for any occasion, as apart from being outstandingly beautiful and unalterably eye-catching, Hermès products are distinguished by their durability and high quality.

Gold and silver plating is highly resistant and will gladden the eye of the owner for many years to come.

hermes flatware

Any question about Hermes Cutlery Collection?

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