Gio Ponti Art for Ginori 1735

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Gio Ponti Art for Ginori 1735

Gio Ponti Art for Ginori 1735 is a collection of Gio Ponti’s emblematic works that have so far been released by a well-known Italian porcelain manufacturer. All of these extraordinary creations were originally designed by this talented artist during the time he was artistic director of the company from 1923 to 1933.

Ponti was able to transform the daily lifestyle and thanks to this extraordinary artistic vision, his works won the Grand Prix at the Universal Exposition in Paris in 1925. Each item is a mix of contemporary art and ancient traditions. It is an expression of his way of demonstrating the genuine Italian design.

Gio Ponti or Giovanni Ponti is a legendary architect that was one of the most influential and world-famous designers of the XX century that preferred to call himself “an artist in love with architecture”. 

Throughout his long creative career from 1921 to 1978 he managed to revive the architecture and design of Italy that was badly damaged after the Second World War.

Largely thanks to him, the famous phrase “Made in Italy” has become a brand that means the highest quality and impeccable style.

He was equally attracted to industrial design, architecture, interior design including furniture and lighting and of course porcelain.

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A New Perception of Design

Gio Ponti promoted  a new perception of design through the openness and curiosity of vision thanks to the magazine Domus, which he founded in 1928 together with Giovanni Semeria.

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Gio Ponti Path to His Future

An outstanding Italian architect was born in 1891 in Milan.

From his early childhood Gio admired the ancient architecture and interior design items that passed down from one generation to another and made by the skilled artisans of Milan.

And so through his whole life Gio Ponti carried his love towards the hand-crafted objects and the magic of the highest art.

Gio possessed not only great talents in various arts but he had also an amazing sense of harmony, as well as encyclopaedic knowledge that he obtained during his studies at the Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano).

Developing the modernist direction of Art Nouveau, Gio Ponti worked in the so called “Novecento” manner that later became a well known “Italian style” that flourishingly combine the past and present.
gio ponti art for ginori

Thanks to Gio Ponti’s efforts, Italian design made a decisive breakthrough and allowed the country to emerge from the post-war crisis. By being so unique and keeping its contemporary and international style, Italian design has kept its original features up to these days.

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Gio Ponti & Ginori

Gio Ponti’s work inspired and continues to inspire the current generation of architects and designers all over the world.

His collaboration with Ginori 1735 was not only about the creation of the object but it was his overall working method that made this cooperation be so successful.

Gio supervised the evolution of his artworks starting from the creation of his sketch up to the development of the preliminary model and its final production by the artisans.

He literally cared for every aspect that dealt with manufacturing process including the packaging and the further presentation of the product.

Donne e Architetture is one of the most amazing Gio Ponti art for Ginori 1735. This majolica jar is available in two different sizes: the small one of 48 cm of and the large one of 94 cm. The smaller version is a reinterpretation of the original Pontian jar that is kept at the Ginori 1735 Doccia Museum in Tuscany. The double-size version is a successful attempt of Ginori 1735 to reissue the historic vase in a new version.

Donne e Architetture is a hand-painted work of art with rich and complex decorations made in shades of blue and white. Eight women sitting on the clouds are depicted across the entire surface of the vase. Their names are placed above it between bold break lines. It is a numbered series and will definitely take the right place at any home collection.

gio ponti richard ginori art jar
la venatoria richard ginori

La Venatoria is another series of outstanding creations from Gio Ponti Art for Ginori 1735. This time Gio Ponti decided to depict various themes on colourful and bright background.

La Venatoria collection consists of 6 plates and four vases. The décor of the plates has three different narrative scenes with a name Amazzone con Corno, Amazzone con Giavellotto, Trasporto ed Uccisione del daino and two variations of colours in emerald green or deep burgundy shade.

richard ginori gio ponti plate amazzone con corno red la venatoria

The meaning of Venatoria

La Venatoria literally means any type of the hunting activity and includes everything that is related to its organization.

The narrative scenes that illustrate the Amazons’ hunting of the deer have their own logical sequence.

Firstly, they take the prey, than the prey is carried off.

The pictured women are accompanied by their elegant dogs.

Initial Design of the Series

Initially, the design of this series was created specifically to be applied on maiolica but later it was available to put even on the porcelain.

A uniform shade of each item is gained with a help of the airbrush that is usually spread on the whole surface of each item.

Only after this delicate process, the talented craftsmen retouch every single item with the brush and create the narrative themes of the collection.

The beautiful and extravagant La Venatoria collection from Gio Ponti Art for Ginori 1735 includes two different types of vases released in both emerald and burgundy colours. The first typology of the vase has a cachepot form that translated from French literally means a hidden pot. 

The vase brightly illustrates a triumph of the Amazons and the killing of the deer. The dimension of the vase is 19 cm.

richard ginori gio ponti green vase and plate

Orcino Vase

Another type of the vase created by Gio Ponti Art for Ginori 1735 is an Orcino type of vase that is terracotta vessel, pot-bellied and elongated, with a rather narrow neck.

The theme that was chosen for this vase is Trasporto ed Uccisione del daino that means the transportation and the killing of the deer.

Released in both variations of colours, this vase is a little bit larger that the cachepot variant with a height of 29 cm.

Passeggiata archeologica is a series of hand decorated plates that was inspired by the classic art. Gio Ponti while created these amazing porcelain pieces was definitely influenced by ancient time travelling. The design of the plate illustrates various figurines of people that are divided by architectural elements put in a symmetrical way.

The plates from this Gio Ponti Art for Ginori 1735 series is available in two versions: on white or on black background with final details in gold.

richard ginori porcelain plate and hand

Le Mani (Hands) is one of the most eccentric creations from Gio Ponti Art for Ginori 1735 series. This time the designer was inspired by industrial moulds in porcelain that were used for producing rubber gloves in 1930s.

These hand painted porcelain artworks obtained a timeless relevance through their mystical and symbolic meaning that was underlined by the simplicity of its forms and particular choice for decorative elements.

The hands has a couple of design variants: a white hand figurine in pure porcelain and the one with various golden decorations with the name Italian Triumph. 

richard ginori porcelain hands

Le Mie Donne is one of the most famous series from Gio Ponti Art for Ginori 1735 that was ever designed by a talented artist. Le Mie Donne was the first family collection created by Gio Ponti.  It represents a perfect blend of classical style and the Art Deco elements that show the grace and the beauty of women.

Le Mie Donne includes three types of bowl each of which is dedicated to a special woman with the name Domitilla, Leonia and Donatella and four plates.

richard ginori gio ponti bowl domitilla
  • Ginori 1735

    Ginori Gio Ponti Oval Bowl Leonia

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    Ginori Gio Ponti Oval Bowl Leonia from “Le mie Donne” collection is an exceptional hand-painted artistic creation of the talented designer made in majolica. Gift box included.
    Size: H 16 cm

Original Design of 1925

Le Mie Donne collection applied on majolica was originally designed by the artist in 1925.

Le Mie Donne bowls depict the women figures almost at the same position that lay like acrobats among the multiple ropes on deep blue and burgundy background.

A harmonious balance of this marvellous creatures demonstrate the undiscussable and inimitable art style of the famous designer Gio Ponti.

Le mie Donne collection from Gio Ponti Art for Ginori 1735 includes as well four different plates of very large diameter in majolica. Alike for the bowls, each plate is dedicated to a special woman: Isabella, Domitilla and Donatella.

The design of the plate resembles Art Deco style. It may be used as a centrepiece or a wall plate for original and classy home environments.

richard ginori gio ponti plate blue isabella

Surrealistic Art Manner

The decorations of the plate consists of a picture of a beautiful woman in surrealistic manner that is balanced on the ropes like or flies above the city or lies on the clouds in a totally relaxed manner.

The plate dedicated to Isabella was released in two variants: with white and deep blue rim.

La Conversazione Classica is a series of hand-panted bowls from Gio Ponti Art for Ginori 1735 with various classical themes. The first bowl with a name Putto con Cane (Putto with a dog) depicts a small boy playing with his dog.

richard ginori gio ponti bowl putto con cane

The deep blue background contrasts with the light silhouette of the child creating a marvellous effect on majolica.

On the other side of the bowl we find a woman figurine staying near a huge jar.

  • Ginori 1735

    Ginori Gio Ponti Oval Bowl La Musica

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    Ginori Gio Ponti Oval Bowl La Musica from “La Conversazione classica” collection is an exceptional hand-painted artistic creation of the talented designer made in majolica. Gift box included.
    Size: H 16 cm

  • Ginori 1735

    Ginori Gio Ponti Oval Bowl La Lettura

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    Ginori Gio Ponti Oval Bowl La Lettura from “La Conversazione classica” collection is an exceptional hand-painted artistic creation of the talented designer made in majolica. Gift box included.
    Size: H 16 cm

La Lettura & La Musica

The other two bowls that complete this La Conversazione Classica collection have a name La Lettura (Reading) and La Musica (Music).

The decoration on majolica illustrates two women figurines: the one that is lying surrounded by books and another one that is sitting near her musical instrument, probably harp.

This time the basic colours chosen for the decoration of the background were red and brown.

The Gio Ponti Bowl from Labirinto series is an artwork that amaze even the most demanding fans of Gio Ponti Art for Ginori 1735. Initially, the original decoration was inspired by the drawings of the artist in 1926.

This tableware collection has a really unusual design. The decoration of every item resembles on form of classic labyrynth and it is available in 5 different colours: Labirinto Nero (Black), Labirinto Zaffiro (Blue), Labirinto Scarlatto (Red), Labirinto Smeraldo (Green) and Labirinto Ametista (Amethyst).

richard ginori labirinto gio ponti bowls

Contemporary Vision vs Ancient Mythology

In ancient times, a labyrinth consisted of a building with many complex, intricate rooms and passages between them.

Basically it was a kind of architectural structure with a particular design that, once inside, it was impossible or very difficult to get back out.

The amalgamation of ancient mythology and the contemporary vision of the artist created this perfect symbiosis.

Intricate lines & Neoclassic Design

Each of these Labirinto bowls has a platinum halo and will perfectly serve the dishes but as well as a decorative element at home.

Accurate lines, strict angles reflect the geometrical spirit of the whole series.

The neoclassic design of these porcelain Gio Ponti bowls is absolutely unique and intricate.

The Gio Ponti bowl form Catene collection is the refinement itself. The whole Catene tableware series as it was for Labirinto collection was taken from a draft made by an artist at 1926. The pattern has a geometrical and precise design that creates a contrast on the white finest porcelain.

The Catene collection has four variations of colours: Catene Nero (Black), Catene Zaffiro (Blue), Catene Scarlatto (Red) and Catene Smeraldo (Green).

richard ginori catene gio ponti bowls

The simplicity of Gio Ponti Art

The unusual design of the bowl resembles the chain links assembled together.

Each item has a beautiful halo in platinum precious metal that gives a final touch of opulence.

The simplicity of this Gio Ponti Art for Ginori 1735 makes each of these bowls very elegant and unique.

Stuoia 1923 is entirely hand-painted decorated series from Gio Ponti Art for Ginori 1735. The collection consist of two items : a vase with Orcino form and a bowl.

The decor of this collection illustrates the interwind vertical and horizontal lines in light green and yellow colour. The background of both items is black. The bowl has as well an inner decoration in light green colour.

richard ginori gio ponti stuoia vase

The vase Prospettica is one of the most famous works from Gio Ponti Art for Ginori 1735. This particular design perfectly demonstrates the love of the artist towards his passion – an architecture.

The decoration of the vase consists of bench of multiple small cells and the strange perspective that is created by their vision.

In such a way, appears an optical illusion effect that may be different from various angles.

Made in finest porcelain, the vase is hand painted in blue and yellow shades.

richard ginori vase prosettica gio ponti

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