Ginori 1735 Prospettica Vase by Gio Ponti

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Size: H 29 cm

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Richard Ginori Prospettica Vase by Gio Ponti

Each detail of Ginori Prospettica vase carefully designed by Gio Ponti create an illusionistic perspective effect. Gift box included.
Richard Ginori Prospettica vase is one of Gio Ponti’s best known works and the name reveals his architect’s background. In this pattern the series of small vases occupying the cells and the perspective created by the cells themselves, which makes it impossible to look at the object from just one point of view.
Richard Ginori is presenting this vase in porcelain with the illusionist effect of the relief and the decoration applied in decal. The knowledge of the masters and technicians of the manufactory Ginori has made possible to evoke the works by Ponti. It was possible using modern technologies, as Ponti himself had hoped, proposing, for some of his creations, the intervention of various types of decoration.
Richard-Ginori has existed since 1737 as the Doccia factory (Florence). It is world-famous for its porcelain. All the production is still located in Sesto Fiorentino, in Italy.