Ginori 1735: The History of Porcelain Art

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Ginori 1735: The History of Porcelain Art

Ginori 1735 is definitely one of the most well-known and largest world manufacturers of luxury porcelain creations. The perfect combination of innovations and traditional techniques,  the usage of materials of the highest quality composes the philosophy of the famous Italian brand Ginori 1735.

Ginori 1735 is perfect for those who appreciate luxury and elegance. Each piece of the brand combines simplicity, style, minimalism together with sophistication and functionality.

The dissimilarity of its design distinguishes the brand among the others. Aesthetic and harmonious design, thoughtfulness of every detail that helps to obtain the highest quality of the porcelain creations, worthy of decorating the most luxurious homes around the world.

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Ginori 1735 begins its history exactly in 1735 and that is why this year is mentioned in the name of the brand.

More than 287 years ago, the young marquis Carlo Andrea Ginori decided to revive the centuries old traditions in Italy and opened a manufactory near Florence in the town of Villa Doccia.

The Marquis’s first business steps were difficult. After the factory opening and overpassing some changes in the choice of the raw material, the Ginori 1735 brand finally obtained the high quality durable and snow-white product.

At the end of the XVIII century, Ginori 1735 manufactory began to form its own style.

After the acquisition of new equipment, he formed a special school where the artist began to improve their artistic skills and so the quality of porcelain creations of the brand.

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Ginori 1735: Basic Improvements & Brand Development

Thanks to all these major improvements, Ginori 1735 as a brand developed really rapidly.

Initially, there was only two furnaces in production: one that was used for majolica and the second one for the porcelain firing.

After the release of the first Ginori 1735 collection that was sold out successfully, the number of employees of the manufactory had grown to 100 people.

In 1838 there were already 5 furnaces in production, two of them for porcelain firing and almost 200 employees.

In 1889 Ginori 1735 gained 15 furnaces and the number of employees was 1200.

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Ginori 1735 & The Path to Success

In 1896 the success of the brand was further enhanced by the fact that Ginori 1735 merged with the Milan brand Richard.

The manufactory specialising in ceramics was founded by Augusto Richard, who already owned many factories in northern Italy.

Due to this exceptional union of these two companies, the well-known brand Richard Ginori began its existence.

This blend was so successful, that later it underwent some changes and turned into a large concern that united 8 large manufactories.

In 2013 Ginori 1735 was acquired by Gucci and Alessandro Michele became its artistic director.

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In 2016, the Kering Group gained the overall supervision of the brand Ginori 1735, however the creative vision was given to the qualified team of artists and designers that were chosen under the strict supervision of Alessandro.

The particular specialization on producing porcelain tableware and accessories brought the brand Ginori 1735 a wide popularity not only in Europe but as well around the world.

From the the very beginning many years had passed and of course Ginori 1735 had to deal with the generation changes of its talented craftsmen and artisans, therefore the individual style expressed in each model of the brand remained totally unchanged.

Initially, Ginori 1735 was affordable only for privileged range of people like the members of the royal families or other noble aristocrats.

Today, Ginori 1735 is available to anyone who dreams of elegant and sophisticated tableware.

The collections of Ginori 1735 includes plates and bowls, cups and saucers, trays and boxes, candles and vases, etc.

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richard ginori labirinto and catene collection in red
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richard ginori arcadia teapot and mug
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Ginori 1735 includes more then 40 collections between classic white series, hand-painted tableware collections, giftware and artistic exceptional creations that were designed in collaboration with famous artists, one of them Gio Ponti.

Each creation of Ginori 1735 brand is made of high-quality materials with the highest precision to details and it may be suitable for both traditional and modern environments.

The Catene tableware collection by Ginori 1735 has an outstanding design that was inspired by Gio Ponti drafts of 1926.

The geometrical elements organise a playful chain that form a border on each piece.

The contrast of details on snow-white finest porcelain together with the platinum refinement enhance the beauty and its absolute uniqueness.

The Catene tableware collection by Ginori 1735 consists of many porcelain pieces like plates of different sizes, bowls, platters, mugs, cups and saucers, round boxes, etc.

It has four different colour variations: Catene Zaffiro (Blue), Catene Scarlatto (Red), Catene Smeraldo (Green) and Catene Nero (Black).

ginori 5 piece place setting catene black

Il viaggio di Nettuno or Neptune’s Voyage collection by Ginori 1735 is a reflection of love of its designer Luke Edward Hall towards the antiquity, the myths and legends of ancient Greece.

He took his inspiration from the Neptune’s life stories and far away world of ancient divinity that illustrated the god of all seas together with his goddess Salacia.

The Neptune’s Voyage collection by Ginori 1735 consists of 32 porcelain items including plates, bowls, vases, three types of mugs and square trays.

Some of these creations have a special decoration made with  the usage of precious metals.

richard ginori il viaggio di nettuno collection

The Labirinto is another porcelain collection that was created on the basis of the drawings of the great master Gio Ponti.

It has an unusual design that resembles the form of the labyrinth in its classic vision.

A myriad of lines that a mixed with one another create an optical illusive effect.

The Labirinto tableware incudes not only dinnerware pieces but as well various giftware like candles and vide-poches.

The Labirinto tableware series by Ginori 1735 has 5 variations of colour design: Labirinto Zaffiro (Blue), Labirinto Nero (Black), Labirinto Scarlatto (Red), Labirinto Ametista (Amethyst) and Labirinto Smeraldo (Green).

richard ginori labirinto green collection

Totem porcelain collection by Ginori 1735 invites you to the world of nature and wild animals.

Bright colours and bold design perfectly characterise the decorative pattern of this series that took a total inspiration from the XVIII design traditions.

The collection includes 7 design variations each of which represents a particular animal: Squirrel, Penguin, Mouse, Tiger, Cat, Monkey and Camel.

The collection Totem by Ginori 1735 consists of bowls, presentation plate, candles, mugs with or without lid, vases, boxes with cover, square trays and set of 4 coasters.

The particularity of this collection is that every single item is customizable upon request in gold luster colour.

ginori 1735 totem

The Ginori 1735 Arcadia tableware is an outstanding collection born in collaboration with a well-known Italian fashion designer Orazio Stasi.

This porcelain series illustrates the imaginative idyllic world, full of fantastic creatures.

The Ginori 1735 Arcadia consist of 24 amazing pieces made of the finest porcelain like plates, bowls, teapot, cups and saucers, mug, platters and bowls.

Some of the pieces like presentation plate and dessert plate are available in 4 different colours: black, white, green and pink.

The uniqueness of the design of this fascinating collection is reached through the usage of different shades and elaborative techniques.

richard ginori arcadia table setting

Gio Ponti, a well-known architect and designer collaborated with Ginori 1735 for several years. He became an artistic director of the brand for almost 10 years from 1923 to 1933. His amazing creations became emblematic as each of these items conveyed the inventive style of the artist.

The most important collections created by Gio Ponti and released by Ginori 1735 were Donne e Architetture, La Venatoria, Passeggiata archeologica, Le Mani, Le Mie Donne, Labirinto, Catene and La Conversazione Classica.

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