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Venini Specials

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Venini collections feature a variety of products sought after by experts, art enthusiasts or simply design lovers. However, there is more to that, a secret treasure only known by few, almost a sacred Graal for collectors and art dealers.

We are talking about Venini Specials, unique items originally thought for the market and finally turning into a must have for connoisseurs. Let’s find out how Venini Specials come to life.

As well as every manufacturer, before creating and launching a new collection, Venini takes into account various factors that can determine a successful outcome, such as current trends, market demands and so on. After this stage, Venini’s brilliant designers create a certain number of prototypes, each of them featuring different stylistic influences and chromatic blends, which are carefully evaluated and selected in order to find the perfect ones for the market.

The prototypes not chosen for production are temporarily put aside, unique samples of a unique artistic experiment. This is when the magic happens and the excluded pieces become exclusive collectables and come to life again as Venini Specials.

Each example of Venini trial proofs has its own character, mood and style. It’s an exceptional fusion of incomparable value and beauty able to emphasize the originality of style and the warmth of any cosy interior. It is a matter of admiration and luxury. The uniqueness remains unchanged over the years and transforms various technical experiments into fascinating iconic exemplars of the original italian element design.

Venini Specials vases are a unique artwork of unmatched beauty and value. They are an original, one-of-a-kind Venini pieces that will never be duplicated. An objects of desire for people who cherish being surrounded by exclusive and stylish items and, nevertheless, not easily available on the normal sales channels.

Venini trial proofs are genuinely unique and unrepeatable creations.  A one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will enhance a beauty of your stary elite ambiance. Please yourself or the one you care about with this exclusive decorative highlight!

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