New Daum Crystal Collection

new daum crystal collection

New Daum Crystal Collection

New Daum crystal collection is a demonstration of the impeccable taste. The possession of such a delightful creations gives a sense of belonging to the world cultural heritage and it makes you admire the unsurpassed skill of French artisans every day. The new Daum collection released on January 2022 took its inspiration from different sources that were complemented by abstract motifs and a fantasy color palette, perfect to decorate every home.

The Daum crystal Maison is one of the most famous crystal manufacturers not only in Europe, but throughout the world.

Luxurious products made of noble crystal, with the usage of special technology, serve as an excellent interior decoration.

Any of the original Daum creations will harmoniously complement the home atmosphere and bring aesthetic pleasure by their mere presence.

Graceful vases of inconceivable shapes, elegant bowls, sophisticated candlesticks and other accessories from the French brand Daum will take their place in your crystal collection.

daum mer de corail centerpiece numbered edition

The New Daum crystal collection Croisière  takes us to the Haute Couture world.

Crystal creations from the New Daum crystal collection Croisière  are another confirmation of the high skills of Daum glassblowers working at the legendary Daum manufactory.

Incredible art objects made of colored baked crystal fascinate with a complex colour gradient and intricate shapes.

The masters managed to convey the natural beauty of the baroque fabrics with high accuracy.

daum le croisiere collection

The New Daum crystal collection Croisière reproduces the magical wind play of draped and pleated fabrics made in crystal and emphasized by a multifaceted blue and yellow palette.

The collection includes several models of vases of different heights and bowls.

The New Daum crystal collection Mer de Corail was released on january 2021 and it is entirely dedicated to the beauty of the underwater world.

High-quality crystal, for which the Daum manufactory is so famous is the best suited for creating sculptures of the inhabitants of the deep sea.

The incredible range of colors obtained using the baked crystal technique is striking in its versatility and complexity of color transitions.

The New Daum crystal collection Mer de Corail includes art objects in the form of sea shells, corals, starfish, turtles, seahorses and other representatives of the underwater fauna.

Each crystal creation has a very realistic look and is made with great attention to detail.

daum mer de corail vase numbered edition

The diversity of the underwater world inspired the artists of the Daum manufactory.

For example, an amazing figurine of blue sea turtle is performed by the artisans, has a silky texture, smooth transitions of shades and the effect of an inner glow, with an accurate reproduction of the smallest details.

All the items from the new Daum crystal collection Mer de Corail look so realistic as if they were just washed up on a white beach. Absolutely amazing items that will find a perfect place at your home.

daum mer de corail turtle blue numbered edition

The new Daum crystal collection “Leopard” is dedicated to one of the most beautiful cats in the world.

We are used to believing that the king of animals is a lion, but in terms of the harmony of the structure of the body, the beauty of the design on the fur, strength and dexterity, courage and grace of movements, no one can be compared with a leopard, which, as it were, combines all the bodily and “mental” virtues of individual species.

Leopard is beautiful and flexible, strong and agile, bold and cunning and is an ideal predator and the Maison Daum tried to reinterpret this incredible animal making each piece of this new Daum crystal collection so unique.

The new Daum crystal collection “Leopard” consist of a tray, pencil pot, pencil holder and an amazing crystal figurine of leopard.

daum crystal leopard collection

The new Daum crystal figurine “Meditation” is a novelty designed by Sylvie Mangaud in limited edition of 375 pieces.

Sylvie Mangaud, a native Parisian who has been fond of art since childhood, began her career with fine art photography and the world of sculpture. Daum, which is famous for its brilliant collaborations with artists and designers, released the Sylvie Mangaud collection, dedicated to nudity that is the author’s favourite topic.

The new Daum crystal figurine “Meditation” represents a harmony in itself, depicting a seated calm woman with the mind all inside her thoughts. The ideal proportions of her body, combined with a multifaceted soft pink color palette shade, makes these art object become a really unique pieces of art.

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    NEW Daum Sweet Garden Vase Numbered edition

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    Available from the 1st of April

    Daum Sweet Garden Vase Numbered edition Medium is an outstanding crystal creation perfect to become a colourful accent at your home.
    Gift box included.
    Size: H: 28 cm L: 24 cm W: 24 cm
    Weight: 6,6 kg

The New Daum crystal collection “Sweet Garden” is an exceptional collection dedicated to flowers.  Wild beautiful flowers coexist here with wheat, sweet peas, sunflowers, daisies, poppies and olive leaves.

The New Daum crystal collection “Sweet Garden” consists of the vase reminiscent of a bouquet collected during a walk in nature and a small decorative flower. Thanks to the pâte de verre technology, the smallest details are worked out with high precision and the light goes from dawn to dusk, so the crystal shimmers have the mix of shades between green, lilac and purple.

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