Design Lightings: A Project of Lights and Shadows

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Design Lightings: A Project of Lights and Shadows

Lighting up a space is not a simple matter of function. Instead, it is a way of creating the right balance between aesthetics and necessity.

Lights and shadows create spaces, they can increase or lower the dimensions of a space, they can hide them or emphasize them. So, here’s when design lightings become a true art. A real art that unveils and decorates, that puts itself as a contemporary evidence of functionality and aesthetics.

Lighting as Interior Design Fundament

Light is a fundamental element in every interior design project.

It has got a primary role and it cannot be put aside. Inside every kind of space, lightings must be considered and designed.

There are no accessories that can be emphasized or furniture suitable to fill the space if there is no light.

Everything starts with lightings and it ends in the darkness.

That is why knowing how to light up a space is a true form of art and, in order to fully express itself, it needs the best and most fitting tools.

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Design Lightings: How to Create Volume

It is the light that creates three-dimensionality and deepness inside of every space.

Whatever is a huge living room for events or a little dining room in an apartment, light has the power to expand every space.

An effective and organized lighting can create amazing optical illusions, that will trick the sight and transform spaces.

Design Lightings Variety


Design lightings follow and try to capture the light, by encapsulating it in table lamps, chandeliers, floor and wall lamps, that decorate the spaces with harmony and essential shapes.

Lamps can change up the life space, express freedom of thought, released by productive obligations. You can create iconic lamps, representative of luxury and beauty, quiet carriers of the human experience through time, with a distinct project passion.

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Classy, Minimal or Futuristic?


However, lights are not just a simple matter of lightings, they can be also about design, style accessories and taste, that you can gift or purchase, in order to embellish spaces.

Lamps and chandeliers of different colours and styles realized in many materials and different dimensions. Classic or futuristic lines, baroque or minimalistic.

foscarini italian lighting designer table lamp birdie white

Design Lighting: Life and Beauty

According to interion design, lighting is a life and beauty matter.

His importance has grown so much, that in the last few years it has become slowly a science, called the illuminating engineering.

This is a science that revolves around the natural and artificial lighting of spaces.

While it is a crucial spot for a space design, it can also become a gift idea for events and special occasions.

foscarini italian lighting designer mite floor lamp two
  • Saint Louis

    Saint Louis Tommy Table Lamp

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    Saint Louis Tommy Table Lamp in mouthblown, hand-cut crystal glass and white lampshade. Gift box included.
    Height: 40 cm


  • Lladró

    Lladró Portable Lamp Ice Cream Medium Black in Leather

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    Lladró Portable Lamp Ice Cream Medium Black in Leather is a cordless porcelain lamp from the Ice Cream collection, inspired by the smooth wavy curves of an ice cream. Gift box included.

    Designer: Dept. Diseño y Decoración
    Size: Height 26 cm, Width 17 cm, Length 17 cm

  • Foscarini

    Foscarini Mite Floor Lamp Anniversary


    Foscarini Mite Anniversary Floor Lamp with Marquinia Marble base. Mite Anniversary designed by Marc Sadler for Foscarini is a LED floor lamp with structure in fiberglass and carbon thread, and base in marquinia marble and aluminum. The light source is adjustable by means of a dimmer. Mite was awarded with the Compasso D’oro in 2001

    Dimension: D 21 cm x H 185 cm

  • Lladró

    Lladró Portable Lamp Ice Cream Medium Brown in Leather

    Use the coupon code: EMOTIONS to get 20 % OFF

    Lladró Portable Lamp Ice Cream Medium Brown in Leather is a cordless porcelain lamp from the Ice Cream collection, inspired by the smooth wavy curves of an ice cream. Gift box included.

    Designer: Dept. Diseño y Decoración
    Size: Height 26 cm, Width 17 cm, Length 17 cm

Table Design Lighting


A design lamp such as Foscarini Caboche Table Lamp in gold luster colour can transform in an essential feature with a strong personality, that you can gift as an object of sublime taste and design.

While on the other hand, the Lamp Binic Foscarini pink can create a well-defined spot effect, projecting from above an intense light, encircled and most of all, uniform.

Outdoor Design Lighting


As a space where the lighting has been deeply studied, design lighting can offer various advantages, when it comes to the aesthetics, energy saving and physical wellness.

Other than improving the visual perception of the spaces, lighting play a crucial aesthetic role, especially when it goes to outdoor landscape environment.

Light is a compositive element in the space, which can give a better perception of comfort and housing quality and the Foscarini Cri Cri  Outdoor Lamp can perfectly help with it.

foscarini italian lighting designer table lamp cri cri outdoor

Venini with its time-honoured tradition of creation the works of art from Murano glass tried to propose as well different lighting solutions that perfectly characterise the mastership of its artisans.

The Lamborghini Ceiling Lamp Balloton by Venini is a perfect example of how a traditional monofiore balloton technique is combined to the art of light adding to the whole ambiance a marvellous shining game.

The most elegant spaces are emphasized by sumptuous chandeliers, perfect design lightings that highlights unique and unforgettable auteur details. A perfect example of this is the Purple Venini Chandelier that like a pendant, a precious Murano glass treasure, enrich your halls, creating wonderful optical illusions on the walls.

venini lamp abat jour murano glass

Foscarini is one of the most important creators of Italian Design Lightning.

Its creativity illuminates the world of light and transforms every place, conveying a sense of infinite unchained dimensions.

Foscarini represents a perfect blend of architectural solutions, design innovations and unusual combinations of structure, form and material choice.

Plass Table lamps, Bahia Wall Lamps or  Caboche Suspensions, each of these extraordinary Foscarini creations are able to amaze every design lover.

foscarini italian lighting designer two wall lamps bahia large

Twiggy or Tress?


Through the floor lamps you can create light spots, in order to highlight with discretion, the best details of any room. An all-embracing and suffused light cone, that hugs a corner of the room, shakes up the balance, in favour of some furniture, rather than the other.

This is the result that you can achieve with some décor elements like the Floor Lamp Twiggy Foscarini black  or a Tress Floor Lamp as a true example of creativity and functionality that can merge perfectly with the environment.

foscarini italian lighting designer floor lamp tress beige grey

Precious gifts, important presents, that mark, with their lights and shadows, relevant moments of people’s lives. They are tools that lights up an ordinary life, by turning it with their light in something truly extraordinary.


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