Foscarini LED Floor Lamp Tress White

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Foscarini Tress Large White Floor Lamp
Dimension: L 20 cm x L² 25 cm x H 195 cm.
Coated fiberglass-based composite material, varnished metal and aluminium
Light Source:
LED retrofit halo 2x 300+100W R7s+E27
LED version: LED 2x 51,7W

Floor lamp with diused and indirect light. The breglass-based composite material diuser is produced by modelling tape along a mould with an automatic control of the pitch/pattern, which is then epoxy powder coated. The large version features two separate light sources: one is located at the upper tip of the diuser, and the other inside the diuser; upper parabola made of aluminium.
The transparent cable is fitted with a dimmer which can be used both to adjust the level of luminous intensity of the upper light source gradually or as the ON/ OFF switch for the lower light source.
The seduction of a woman’s tress wash the initial inspiration for the Tress family of lamps. This design-come-true by Foscarini was achieved through the development of a completely original technological process, involving a berglass and resin tape woven with orderly casualness to become the structure and aesthetics of the lamp. Tress changes personality according to its colour: it is light and discrete in white, strong and decisive in black and volcanic and totemic in crimson, which makes the contrast between the interior and the exterior even more evident. In the oor version the weave includes the power cables and acts at the same time as the structure, decoration and screen, a never before seen interplay of full and empty spaces, light and shadow. The light spread through the lamp produces a particularly attractive efect, thanks to two separate light sources: the one in the lower position completely illuminates the interior and highlights the graphic presence of the weave, while the upper light produces an illuminated refection towards the ceiling.