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Foscarini Lighting

Scopelliti 1887 has chosen Foscarini because it represents superior excellency in the lighting sector.

Innovation, design and the constant quest for new materials has enabled it to shape iconic lamps and light fittings which today go down in history, namely the sophisticated and lightweight Marc Sadler’s Twiggy floor lamp, the sparkling Patricia Urquiola’s Caboche pendant lamps, the seductive Mite lamps and the organic shapes of the Gregg collection.

Foscarini Lighting is a perfect blend of architecture, history and art which showcases worldwide the “made in Italy” good taste and design. The year 2009 marks the beginning of a new refreshing collaboration with the brand Diesel Living with the aim to promote an eclectic thus functional lifestyle. The outcome are passionate creations imbued with irony and creativity which combine the rugged and rough elements of Diesel and the Foscarini Finesse.