Lladró Portable Lamp Ice Cream Medium Brown in Leather


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Lladró Portable Lamp Ice Cream Medium Brown in Leather is a cordless porcelain lamp from the Ice Cream collection, inspired by the smooth wavy curves of an ice cream. Gift box included.

Designer: Dept. Diseño y Decoración
Size: Height 26 cm, Width 17 cm, Length 17 cm

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Sales Manager

Sales Manager


This cordless lamp is made in matte white porcelain and has a LED light inside. Thanks to the translucent quality of porcelain, when the light is switched on, the subtle smooth lines etched by hand on the surface are brought out. The base is lined with brown leather and comes with a cover and a handle in the same material and color, which allows the lamp to be hung like traditional Japanese paper lanterns. The front of the base has a gilded plate with the Lladró flower logo which acts as the touch switch for the lamp and a dimmer to regulate the intensity of the light.

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