Luxury Gift for Horse Lovers

luxury gifts for horse lovers

Luxury Gift for Horse Lovers

The beauty of horse causes admiring glances in many people. It is not surprising that recently the number of equestrian sports fans and simply fans of these noble animals, who have been accompanying people in various cultures and civilizations for a long time, has been increasing.

Choosing luxury gift for horse lovers for some holiday or a some other special occasion is always not an easy task. Here we tried to collect the top of the luxury gift ideas that will make each horse lover truly happy.

Luxury Gift for Horse Lovers: Excellent, Prestigious and Delightful

It is believed that a dog is a man’s best friend. And this is absolutely true. But it seems that we have forgotten about horses!

In fact horses are old friends of people, they serve people faithfully, and it is not surprising that many people come to horse clubs to spend their free time there.

Absolutely every horse lover will say for sure that the love for a horse is not only about frequent horseback riding.

It is all about trust, sympathy and the reciprocal feeling that is developed between a horse and a man.

But what can you give for a horse lover?  Here below we would like to propose you some of the most discerning luxury gift for horse lovers.

lalique crystal vase mustang

An exceptional French brand Baccarat always tried to include into its collection the interpretation of various animals. Of course, it couldn’t exclude luxury gifts for horse lovers.

Baccarat collection includes different variation of this amazing animal. One of the most outstanding pieces is the Pegasus in numbered and limited edition. There are only 99 pieces of this creation worldwide. It is made in black crystal and fully respects the silhouette of this horse.

Another amazing creature is a sculpture of Marengo horse. Made in midnight blue or clear crystal, this horse was one of the favourites of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Its posture reflects the rear soul of this animal and will be an exceptional piece for every collector.

baccarat horse black pegasus

Luxury Gift for Horse Lovers: Longchamp Lighted Horse Sculpture By Lalique

Lalique Longchamp Lighted Horse Sculpture was originally designed by Rene Lalique in 1929.

He was inspired by the Longchamp horse race track where “Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe” took place.

A characteristic Lalique satin-finished crystal adds a magical touch to this beautiful figurine and making it a perfect luxury gift for horse lovers.

It has a lighted base with 3 types of light intensity and will definitely highlight each type of ambiance.

Another amazing luxury gift for horse lovers can be a Lalique Mustang Vase in clear crystal with satin finish.

Handcrafted in France by talented artisans, it shows the whirls of wild horses that gallop all along the vase, showing their freedom and true nature.

This original piece of artwork can be a great luxury gift for horse lovers or for whom loves equestrian sport.

  • Lalique

    Lalique Mustang Vase clear


    A herd of wild horses gallops over this vase, their flowing manes reveal the true extent of their freedom.

    Clear crystal
    Dimensions: H 7.01″ x D 4.69″ (H 17,8 cm x D 11,9 cm)
    Weight: 2.95 lbs (1,34 kg)
    Handcrafted in France

A well-known Spanish brand Lladro also proposes luxury gift for horse lovers.

One of its amazing creations dedicated to this animal is a Horse sculpture Lladro Gallop I or Lladró Horse On Pirouette.

Made in pure matt porcelain, each of these figurines shows the fiery horse during gallop or pirouette maneuver and represents the overcoming of all the obstacles.

It will become a wonderful gift for someone who appreciates these beautiful animals and exceptional Lladrò creations in general.

Lladro expanded its collection of luxury gif for horse lovers adding an amazing lamp with a base made of horse porcelain figurine.

Created in 2013 by Juan Ignacio Aliena, as well as in porcelain figurines by Lladrò, this horse represents the strength and the power of this animal, showing its freedom and wellness.

Daum Maison as well dedicated many of its creations to the horse. One of them is Daum Horse Figurine Appaloosa Black in Limited Edition.

It is the representation of a rearing Arabian horse that is available in amber brown and black crystal.

Fiery spirit of this Daum creation is shown through the particular engraving crystal details.

It reflects the nobility and the bravery of Arabian horse, underlining the uniqueness of this masterpiece.

Such decorative item made in crystal will impressive your beloved horse lover and will become a really stylish and prestigious gift.

It will be a great way to express your respect and gratitude to that person.

daum crystal horses

Luxury Gift for Horse Lovers: Crystal Horse Head By Daum

The majestic Arabian Horse created by Daum this time took a shape of the head of this noble animal.

Fine details, structured muscles reflect the pure beauty of this graceful animal.

Coloured crystal adds special details to the whole artistic Daum creation.

Andalousian Horse Head

Daum Crystal Andalousian Horse Head in Grey and Amber crystal is another creation by Daum Maison.

This time the sculptured horse is spanish and it looks absolutely stunning.

This colourful accent will take its place in every type of ambiance and it’s just perfect to become a luxury gift for horse lovers.

Within the creations of crystal manufacturer Daum that were dedicated to horses, there are also pencil holders that in every single detail demonstrate the magnificence of this noble animal.

An emblematic theme was perfectly realised thanks to the skilled artisans in these amazing coloured crystal creations.

The Cavalcade collection is entirely dedicated to horses. Grey blue or amber crystal shades express the elegance of horses.

A Cavalcade pencil holder in the form of a horse figurine will be an excellent luxury gift for horse lovers for many occasions.

daum cavalcade crystal pensil holder

Daum Cavalcade Crystal Tray is another outstanding gift from Cavalcade collection.

The design of this these trays represents two heads of horses that look only forward, showing their strength and determinedness.

Made in Grey Blue and amber crystal, it can be put on the desk or become a beautiful coloured change tray.

For all the horse lovers that are in love with Hermes porcelain, there are three different collection dedicated to horses.

The first one is Hippomobile dinnerware collection released in 2021.

It is really cheerful and shows the horse with various abstract details.

Gianpaolo Pagni a well known artist and designer was inspired by jockeys’ helmets and tried to imagine a horse with a very long back that could support several riders, like a kind of joyful hippo limousine.

All these decorative porcelain items can be combined and will be an excellent luxury gift for horse lovers.

hermes hippomobile tableware collection

Another dinnerware porcelain collection by Hermes that is dedicated to horses is Fil d’argent.

It perfectly combines intertwined rings inspired by pieces of metal carpentry used for the harness of horses.

Round links, buckles and silver arabesques in three chain models make the atmosphere even more refined and elegant, making it become a perfect gift luxury gift for horse lovers.

Each piece is made in Limoges porcelain that even more enhance the beauty of its decorated details.

The last dinnerware with the main horse theme developed by Hermes is Cheval d’Orient collection.

Designed in oriental style in juicy and warm colours, it depicts traditional Persian ornaments, landscapes, plants and of course horses.

The equestrian motifs richly evocative of Silk Road caravans, with geometric adornments were inspired by the braiding on Arab saddle clothes.

hermes small cup n 1 cheval d orient 01

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