Herend Trademarks

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Herend Trademarks

Most of the common applied Herend Trademarks can be categorized in two basic groups. Trademarks before the communist government took ownership of the factory in 1948, and all other trademarks previously used.

Many variations of trademarks used in both periods.

One distinct difference is the use of the crown on the top of the shield. Presence of the crown indicates date of manufacture 1948 or before. That is true with trademarks with or without the text around the shield.

Under the newer trademark on the right you can find the form number, then the pattern code and the date of manufacture.

The date code used commonly only from the 1990’s. It is on almost all new items.

From 1939 to 1948 many trademarks had the year incorporated in the mark itself. On newer items maybe a country code under the form number, and a painter number away from the trademark.

As a general rule a “HEREND” impression is present on the bottom of the item and a form number impressed also, even if in many cases hard to detect.

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