Herend Hunter Trophies Round Handled Tray 172 CHTG


Herend hand painted Round Tray with Handles 00172-0-00 CHTG
Form: Osier
1 pc – 38,5 cm x 33 cm h 6,5 cm (15.15″L x 13″W x 2.56″H)

We are official distributor of Herend Porcelain, that is the world famous Porcelain Manufactory, operating for over 180 years. Herend is synonymous for unique, hand painted, master crafted porcelain. Every piece is hand made, holds artistic value and is the centrepiece of luxury and beauty.
We are sure you will be amazed by the masterpieces of Herend Porcelain. If you have any questions we would be happy to be at your service.

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The Hunter Trophies decòr rapresent the typical animals and birds of fields and forests. There are portrayed amidst green leaves and fronds, beside mushrooms, colourful toadstools, and the foliage of woody plants. read more...

Admiring this décor has the same effect that a country walk would have on a naturalist. As for hunters and foresters, they can be provided with an elegant table that reflects and symbolizes their calling.
The Hunter Trophies décor (Chasse, Tétes Moyennes) celebrates the Hungarian and European woodland and fauna. Its typical motifs are deer heads, foxes, wild boars and mouflons, along with pheasants, grouse and partridges.

A simpler variation of this design presents a green-edged border, painted with birds and animal heads, in turn framed by leaves and branches as well as forest flowers and mushrooms. A more elaborate version sees instead the animal motifs positioned in the centre, while the border is decorated with tree fronds and mushrooms. Since its debut in the 1960s, this décor has continued to prove popular with hunters and nature lovers. Fourteen different patterns are available. It is also possible to order this Chasse Tétes Moyennes décor with a gilded rim instead of a green one.