Authorized italian retailer of Herend fine porcelain hand painted in Hungary

Herend Porcelain – Beauty to be treasured forever!

The two-centuries-long story of the Factory has been accompanied by great accomplishments at World Exhibitions and by many prominent figures, thus paving the way for its worldwide reputation.
Its creations have been always exclusively hand-painted, using more than 1000 colours and around 400 different types of decorations, thus showing a remarkable artistic ability. Herend has come to symbolize beauty, elegance, style and its patterns have become part of Europe’s Cultural Heritage.

herend apponyi pink coffee set

Herend Coffee Set for Two People

Herend Coffee Set for two People In Italy, coffee means a chance to share the whole week news with friends or meet new people. There are a lot bars all around here. Though, it is not common to invite your friend for a coffee at home. But, it is common to take a coffee at [...]
herend teapot

Herend Porcelan Teapot Pattern Variety

Herend Porcelain Teapot To taste a tea is an art. Water quality and temperature, brew time, color and leaf quality are all important considerations. The choice of the teapot plays a vital role in brewing and tasting your tea. Porcelain is one of the most prized materials for teapots. The smooth sides do not retain [...]
herend cake plates banner

Herend Cake Trays

Herend Porcelain Cake Trays Herend Porcelain Manufactory operates today as the world's largest porcelain manufactory. Herend achieves the balance of tradition and innovation passing on its 19th Century traditions into the 21st Century. Even to this day, the Herend porcelain is completely hand-crafted and hand-painted, just like it was two centuries ago. Symbol of beauty, [...]

Herend Trademarks

Herend Trademarks Most of the common applied Herend Trademarks can be categorized in two basic groups. Trademarks before the communist government took ownership of the factory in 1948, and all other trademarks previously used. Many variations of trademarks used in both periods. One distinct difference is the use of the crown on the top of [...]
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