Versace Coffee Cup: Cause it Makes Your Coffee Taste Better

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Versace Coffee Cup: Cause it Makes Your Coffee Taste Better


Versace coffee cup is one of the most exquisite elements in each Versace Dinnerware Collection that is made up of various pieces for every need. The successful combination of high quality materials and the uniqueness of its design allowed the Versace brand to become the real symbol of elegance and individual charming style.

For more than a century Versace represents its luxurious and extravagant style.

The traditions of the Versace Maison can easily be described by the bold creativity, its excellence and continuous experimentation.

In 1993 Versace brought to life a new collaboration with another exceptional high quality brand Rosenthal, expanding in such a way its factory production.

The manufacturers of both brands continuously tried to improve the quality of their products, adding new design solutions and the variety of materials.

All the creations like Versace coffee cup demonstrate an inimitable style that combines baroque motifs with classical, almost linear elements creating though an original and distinctive personality.

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Versace Coffee Cups That Help You To Enjoy This Aromatic Drink

What is the reason why we remain absolutely in love with good coffee?

Maybe for its pleasant aroma when we bring the cup to our face, maybe for its incomparable taste or maybe for sensations that remain aftertaste.

That is why the cups should help you to experience the magical aroma and fully enjoy the taste of this amazing drink.

And Versace coffee cup can definitely play this important role, giving you a good mood for the whole day.

But what kind of Versace coffee cup suits your more? Now let’s discover the variety of these amazing porcelain creations.

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Versace coffee cup Medusa Blue is an intense and colourful porcelain item.

It has quite classic but original design with an iconic medusa in the centre of the cup and the lustrous rococo frame made of blue and gold flowers.

The saucer of this Versace coffee cup has the same decorative elements.

The Versace coffee Cups of Medusa Blue pattern will immerse you into the amazing and colourful world of Versace with unique its design and atmosphere.

  • Medusa

    Versace Coffee Cup and Saucer Medusa


    The Versace “Medusa” coffee cup & saucer tall in porcelain, elegantly nested in its gift box.
    Cpacity 0,18 l

    The central eye-catching motif is a glorious gold coloured Medusa head, an unmistakably Versace emblem, elegantly framed by expressive and swirling red and gold baroque ornaments and cheerful cherubs adorning the eight sides with pearl white contrasts.
    The astonishing effect will turn its true use into sin.

Versace Coffee Cup Medusa is absolutely perfect to enjoy your coffee every day. Bright red colour combined to the golden lustre and show the peculiarities of Versace artisans.

The pattern of this Versace coffee cup is reminiscent of ornamental motifs.

The head of the Medusa embellished by golden frame is emphasized by intense elements in blue that create a kind of decorative frame.

The Versace Coffee Cup Barocco Mosaic takes part of a new collection 2021. This pattern has really particular design that consists of a  patchwork of various Versace heritage design creation.

A detailed golden V paired with La Coupe Des Dieux decorations is place from the one side of this Versace coffee cup.

From the other side, there are richly embellished baroque details, that characterise the whole style of Versace Maison.

Versace Coffee Cup Medusa Gala is a precious item that shows the supreme delicacy and uniqueness of each Versace artwork.

As well as in Versace coffee cup Medusa blue or traditional red Ikarus, you can find in the centre an iconic Medusa decorated with golden baroque elements, so typical for Versace.

The arabesque details together with the golden Greek key can create the right and majestic atmosphere on your coffee moments.

Versace Coffee Cup Medusa Gala Gold is another version version of the Medusa Gala Collection with accentuated golden decorations. The opulence of its golden patterns combined to the white colour highlight its superior beauty.

Virtus Gala Versace Coffee Cup is another novelty offered by Versace Maison this year.

An iconic splendour of Versace design is shown through the glamorous golden V in the centre and lustrous baroque decorations. From the other side of this Versace coffee cup you can find a Medusa’s head.

Virtus Gala Versace Coffee Cup is available in black or pure white colour.

Versace Coffee Cup La Scala del Palazzo in green or pastel rose colour is reminiscent of the majestic marble staircase at the entrance of the Versace Home Palace in Milan.

Its elegant colour shade is combined to rich golden details in baroque style.

The iconic medusa becomes a perfect accent that accentuates the whole beauty of these amazing porcelain pieces.

The saucer of this Versace Coffee Cup La Scala del Palazzo is decorated as well with some architectural elements that create a perfect combination with its basic colours.

Versace Coffee Cup Tresor de la Mer invites you to luxurious marine world branded Versace.

Its celestial colour with various decorations and the golden handle accentuate its mesmerizing beauty.

Seashells, corals and the sea water hand-painted decorative elements reproduce the world the Neptune, perfectly showing an elegant world of seawater treasure and glamour.

Versace Coffee Cup Les Reves Byzantins is a splendid world of glamorous shine reproduced in porcelain.

The arabesque decoration made in golden colour are combined to the pale pink basic colour and ornamental elements that demonstrate a love of timeless elegance and beauty.

The saucer of this Versace coffee cup makes a perfect tandem with a cup and is fully decorated with embellished golden patterns.

Versace Coffee Cup Prestige Gala will change your daily routine into a luxurious ceremony full of splendour. It can easily create a special atmosphere with glamorous touch.

This Versace coffee cup is available in classic or Le Blue version and it gives you not only functionality but a possibility to taste your coffee drink with a maximum of pleasure.

The golden and black or light blue accents are combined to baroque elements and the greek key pattern that underlines furthermore the richness of white porcelain.

Versace Coffee Cup Le Jardin de Versace with its natural symbolism conveys you into a magical world.

Butterflies and flowers, pink colour and golden decorative elements make this Versace coffee cup an extremely delicate and sophisticated porcelain piece.

Le Jardin means “garden” and it transforms  your early coffee routine into a noble ceremony, becoming your perfect morning companion.

  • Le Jardin de Versace

    Versace Coffee Cup and Saucer Le Jardin de Versace


    Versace Coffee cup and saucer Le Jardin de Versace. Gift box included.
    Capacity 0,18 l

    The Versace “Le Jardin de Versace” Coffee Cup and Saucer comes in an elegant gift box. The exquisite floral band is enclosed by a fine golden Greek key motif dotted with dainty stylized flowers. The playfully combination symbolise a summer symphony in an enchanted garden.
    An exclusive design, the fascination of distant glamorous epochs and elegance and refinement – this is the world of Versace.

Versace Coffee Cup Medusa Rhapsody is made of the finest porcelain and it gives a jouful vibe to your coffee routine.

Yellow floral whirled baroque motifs on the white basis with some golden accents create an incredibly harmonious and cheerful atmosphere.

There is signature Versace sign in the middle of the cup.

Versace Coffee Cup Medusa Rhapsody is an ideal companion for those who wish to bring flower touch to the table.

Versace Jungle Animalier Coffee Cup is a bright colour explosion.

It’s a combination of orange, green, gold and tropical decorations that complete this unusual composition.

The iconic head of Medusa is decorated in gold and perfectly matches the whole colorful animal print.

Versace Coffee Cup Vanity is extremely harmonious in every detail.

Its design is pompous but opulent at the same time. The yellow colour is highlighted by the deepness of the main blue colour.

The baroque elements add a luxurious touch to the overall composition.

An ideal combination of cup and saucer makes your table become unique.

Versace Cup I love Baroque has vibrant design and can completely enhance any table setting.

The iconic golden Medusa, white and black combination of colours, ornamental golden arabesques and baroque elements embellish the whole composition.

Versace Coffee Cup I love Baroque is available in black or white version, each of which will add a lavish taste to your coffee special moments.

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