Le Jardin de Versace

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Le Jardin de Versace

Gianni Versace’s artistic influence in the world of fashion was virtually unparalleled. His legacy can now be experienced also in home decòr owing to its marriage with Rosenthal high quality porcelain.

Versace by Rosenthal is an extraordinary collection resulting in high quality tableware and giftware in contemporary designs. Le Jardin de Versace is an enchanting fairy tale garden. It is a romantic porcelain dream in soft pastel shades and an opulent diversity of blossoms, berries, ladybirds and butterflies. All of them delicately rest on the golden intertwined branches. Recollection of the sumptuous gardens in Louis XVI style. You can see the delicate turquoise and deep red, lots of gold, different shades of blue and green all lend the pattern a lightness of being. It evokes springtime joyful feelings perfectly.

The ornaments hand painted with fine golden accents combine to playfully symbolize a perfect summer symphony and create a perfect harmony that has the power to enchant.  Each collection piece has its own individual character. There are plates where the butterfly dominates at the centre of a golden twine resting on a pastel shade pink; there are also smaller plates, ideal as wedding favours, where the golden branches border giving greater emphasis to the coloured butterflies which flutter over the sky blue centre.