New Versace Vases 2022

new versace vases

New Versace Vases 2022

New Versace Vases is another absolute novelty from one of the most important Italian luxury brands worldwide. This year 2022 Versace decided to release several models that differ a lot from the whole existing range.

High standards and exquisite quality make each of its amazing pieces become a real artwork that surprise absolutely anyone. Here above we will try to emerge yourself into this glamorous world of new Versace vases.

Versace  is a well know Italian luxury brand that was founded by Gianni Versace, a well know Italian designer.

Versace is not only clothing and haute couture fashion, but its a spirit conveyed through its creations.

And for more than 25 years, Versace together with a German porcelain manufactory Rosenthal produce their astonishing creations.

The focus was moved to the homeware, cause everything we need stands not only outside but it is something we use in our everyday home life. And the glamorous comfort is above it all!

versace medusa amplified

One of the most important new Versace vases released for this year 2022 was the magnificent La Medusa Vase.

Medusa always symbolized something really special for Gianni Versace.

He chose the head of Medusa as his trademark and the image of this amazing creature adorned all the creations of the Versace brand since 1978.

The collection of new Versace vases “La Medusa” takes its name of course from this mythological being and it was inspired by a successful bag released by the brand.

The details on the upper side of the vase reproduce the stitching which makes it look like as if it was made of leather.

versace la medusa vases

New Versace Vases “La Medusa” are crafted from the finest German porcelain.

The collection consists of three types of vases with different dimensions.

The smallest one is of 18 cm and is made in beautiful pale pink colour.

The medium vase is coloured in tender green colour. The height of this vase is of 24 cm.

versace porcelain new vases la medusa

The biggest vase is in sky blue colour and is 30 cm in height.

Each of the vases has a decorated Medusa symbol at the centre.

Medusa Grande Crystal is a quintessence of new Versace Vases.

Undoubtedly, it takes the main role mainly because it symbolizes the most important inspiration of talented Gianni Versace Medusa.

Medusa Grande is the already existing collection of vases. Initially they were released only in black and white matte porcelain and silver metallic & gold metallic porcelain.

The crystal variant was released only in clear colour version.

Last year the collection joined the new bright metallic fuchsia colour and other two dimensions that were not yet presented.

versace crystal medusa head vases

This year Medusa Grande Crystal collection of new Versace Vases had a further extension.

The series was enriched with bright versions of pink, blue and black crystal colour.

The vase is of 19 cm each and it can be perfectly mixed with the newest Medusa Amplified Collection. 

Each of these new Versace vases can be perfect for your floral arrangements or just to become a decorative glamorous element for your home.

versace new tableware 2022 virtus gala

Medusa Amplified is an absolute novelty of 2022.

This porcelain dinnerware collection has a real glamorous look that captures the main protagonist Medusa at the center and the greek pattern all along every element.

The Medusa Amplified collection consist of various useful items made in beautiful pastel colours of blue, orange, pink and green and within them there are of course vases.

The series includes three different types of new Versace vases.

The smallest one is the vase of 18 cm and it belongs to the Orange Coin variant.

versace porcelain new vases

The middle vase is made in pink colour, has a height of 24 cm and belongs to the “Pink Coin”.

The biggest one again like in the La Medusa collection is made in blue and has the height of 30 cm.

It belongs to the Blue Coin variant of this series.

versace vase medusa amplified pink

Together with Medusa Amplified collection, this year Versace decided to release even more extravagant tableware collection.

The collection with the name Medusa Amplified Multicolour has a really unusual design and elaborated decor.

It consists of several plates, trays, an ashtray and of course various types of vases.

The collection took its inspiration from the love of Donatella Versace towards music and in particular hip-hop.

Medusa now becomes a music icon that dances in bright colours on the black porcelain.

The meander band adds a classic Versace touch to this new design.

versace medusa amplified multicolour vases

New Versace Vases from Medusa Amplified Multicolour collection has three different variants.

The smallest vase has more round shape and is 18 cm in the height.

The middle New Versace Vase Medusa Amplified Multicolour has a stretched form and is of 24 cm.

The largest vase from this amazing glamorous Versace collection is of 30 cm.

The vases can become a separate decorative element or maybe you can create an amazing composition with three of them.

versace medusa amplified multicolour vases

Virtus is an amazing collection that was released lately in 2021. It consists of various decorative items and within them of course there are the vases. Made in the finest porcelain this collection of new Versace vases represents the luxurious style of the iconic Virtus series. All over the vase you can find a richly embellished V made in Barocco style with various golden details.

It is available in two version with different coloured background. The smallest vase is made in bright blue colour and has the height of 18 cm. The medium one instead is released in rose pink and is of 24 cm.

versace virtus tableware
versace vase medusa grande crystal pink 19 cm
versace vase medusa amplified blue coin
versace vase medusa grande crystal black 19 cm

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