Baccarat Crystal Vases

baccarat crystal vases

Baccarat Crystal Vases

Baccarat crystal vases are not just functional objects. They take on a decorative value in the field of Design, and they’re not considered only as simple flower containers. These iconic Baccarat vases are cult elements of the exclusive and refined furnishings.

Thanks to its bright and handmade decorative cut, each vase lives with its light and has its own identity, tied to every single detail handcrafted.

As a result, Baccarat crystal vases are always present in renowned furnishing magazines or design photography services, they are protagonists of the scene, and it is almost impossible to resist their beauty.

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Baccarat Crystal Vase – Gift “par excellence”

How many times have you had difficulty not knowing what to give for an event? How often have you been perplexed, insecure, and not convinced that you have bought the right gift? Suppose you would rather be satisfied with your choice?

Making a gift for someone must be an experience of joy, a happy moment with positive effects as if we were participating in a sacred ritual. At the end of this gift ritual, what must remain in our soul is the feeling of having made the right choice and of being sure of being able to excite those who receive it!

The Baccarat crystal vases are the gift “par excellence”: perfect as a formal luxury gift, fantastic as a gift for your loved one; ideal as a gift for yourself; it is like a cuddle 🙂

Let’s take a closer look at the most beautiful Baccarat crystal vases!

Baccarat Crystal Vases Eye

These gorgeous vases feature horizontal oblique cuts on the outside and vertical, oblique cuts on their inside, promoting a fascinating optical effect that increase its charm thanks to the nearby light sources.

The Baccarat crystal vases Eye is an exaltation of the unpredictability of perception thanks to the creation of changing images due to the changing brightness.

A perceptive game that conquers, surprises, and fascinates the observer.

The layers ripple gently, creating a feeling of continuous movement.

The profiles evoke a cyclone of transparent crystal, an authentic vortex capable of hypnotizing the viewer.

Octagon Red Baccarat Crystal Vase

In the best adventure stories, a hero always looks for a precious stone with a rare and priceless beauty.

Like a delicately cut precious stone, this vase is an authentic gem that can beautify any place.

This blood-red ruby, an exclusive, refined, and elegant object, with the signature of the designer Thomas Barcode, can illuminate the best bouquets.

Grand Louxor Baccarat Vase

Powerful as a crystal column capable of supporting the Universe, the Baccarat Grand Louxor crystal vase imposes itself with an imperial design.

With faceted lines, the Baccarat crystal vase Grand Louxor adapts perfectly to the spirit of the time, becoming immortal like a god of ancient Egypt.

It can be a vase, a decorative accessory, or a centrepiece, according to the tastes and atmospheres of your Living.

The vase is suitable even for large candles, releasing a multitude of rays of light.

Enclose your Greeting Card

Baccarat crystal vases are the perfect choice for people that loves elegance and luxury.

Your gift comes in its beautiful red gift box and is fixed with its elegant original ribbon.

Your carefully packed gift will contain your greeting card enclosed to make it very exclusive.

So, please, write your message during checkout, then we will print it on a beautiful card and attach it to the gift.

For Scopelliti 1887, the packaging is as important as the gift itself!

baccarat gift greeting card

Louxor Baccarat Crystal Vase

The Baccarat crystal vase Louxor is a perfect meeting place between light and crystal.

Two elements capable of getting lost in a loving game of psychedelic interaction.

With a design inspired by the Art Deco period and the name inspired by the famous Egyptian archaeological site, the Louxor crystal surface designed by Thomas Bastide has a sumptuous cut that promotes its reflections.

The imperceptible gradients of the precise geometric cuts embody the refined craftsmanship of Baccarat: the three-dimensional surface is composed of pyramidal shapes with a vertical cannon motif on the inside.

Heritage Pontil Vase

This vase with round and spherical lines, carved with a large lens otive, is a tribute to the original Design by Georges Chevalier.

Baccarat crystal vase Heritage Ponti presents the transparent crystal’s circular hollow cut motif, creating a sublime and elegant optical effect.

A refined object of versatile Design and suitable for any furnishing style.

Spirale Baccarat Crystal Vase

Baccarat crystal vase Spirale seems to spread its wings towards an unpredictable flight suggested by its splendid poetic line as if it were a ribbon moved by the wind.

The Design of the Baccarat crystal vase Spirale recalls the architectural structure of the Guggenheim museum in New York, which makes it modern and classic at the same time, capable of giving classicism and flair to every room.

Set of 3 Baccarat Vases

Baccarat Set of 3 Flora Crystal Vases is ideally suited to small floral arrangements or to highlight a unique flower.

  • Baccarat

    Baccarat Set of 3 Flora Crystal Vases

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    Baccarat Set of 3 Flora Crystal Vases contains 3 vases in clear crystal, just perfect for each home ambiance. Gift box included.

    Height : 18 cm, Diameter: 8 cm

    The Flora Vases set features three distinctive styles for a spectacular trio arrangement, or standalone floral designs.

Tornado Baccarat Crystal Vase

In a veritable whirlwind of crystal lines, the Baccarat Crystal vase Tornado is made by focusing on the optical effect from its deep sections chiselled in the upper part of the structure.

The angular cuts welcome and refract the light releasing it with diagonal rays.

These details highlight the extraordinary quality of Baccarat’s mastery in shaping the shapes.

Art that allows this vase to possess incredible magnificence.

The cuts in the glass create a spiral that increases the luminous effect of the crystal.

A tornado that spreads upwards, opening up to welcome your elegant bouquet. But its elegance and shine make it a suitable gift for any special event.

Beautiful also simply without flowers, as a piece of furniture with a luxurious style.

Harcourt Baluster Baccarat Vase

The Baccarat Crystal vase Harcourt Baluster is among the original and elegant variations of the Harcourt collection.

These vases are recognizable not only thanks to the unmistakable beauty of Baccarat crystal but because they possess and take up all the iconic elements of this line, from flat ribs to the triple button and the traditional square base.

A mix of classicism and modernity makes it an evergreen of the Harcourt range.

Harcourt Gold Vase

An endless source of inspiration, Harcourt pursues its great destiny.

Combining heritage and modernity, the large Harcourt vase brings a new interpretation, dressed in 20-carat gold.

Numbered edition.

Processing Technique of Baccarat crystal Vases

In addition to the crystal’s beauty and brilliance, we mention the particular production technique. The central blower performs a series of fundamental steps to manipulate a vital crystal block to obtain a single vase. Once that incandescent crystal mass is selected, the main blower starts to shape it and then focuses on the handmade cuts on the crystal, according to the ancient art of the Baccarat tradition.

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