Puiforcat Annecy 5 Piece Sterling Silver Cutlery Set

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Puiforcat Annecy 5 piece Sterling Silver flatware set contains the dining essentials for one diner including:

  • table spoon
  • dinner fork
  • dinner knife
  • salad fork
  • tea spoon

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Puiforcat Annecy Sterling Silver Flatware Features:

  • High percentage of 930/1000 Sterling Silver
  • Entirely Handmade
  • Suitable for dishwashers (except knife blades)

Puiforcat Annecy 5 Piece Place Setting Sterling Silver with its minimalistic design will be a perfect addition to any table setting.
The Puiforcat Annecy sterling silver cutlery set is inspired by Art Deco but it stands out for its forceful austerity. The knives, forks and spoons of the collection were originally designed by Jean Puiforcat in 1930 and  feature some important ornaments. Above all, a perfect disc to soften the tip of the handle.

A typical feature of the cutlery lines is the fork with three prongs. To emphasize the unity of the design, the handle of the fork has been crafted from a single piece of sterling silver. So as to thus produce a nice and solid piece of cutlery.
A new design feature of the spoon was the perfect oval shape of the bowl, therefore it appeared incredibly modern.
Even the knife has a refined detail, which is the trapezoidal element that joins the blade to the handle.

The high quality of Puiforcat Annecy sterling silver handcrafted cutlery is also result of high percentage of 930/1000 sterling silver. (usually silversmiths use 925 sterling silver)

The Annecy Collection has an almost postmoderne look and it displays simple forms and a classic grace.


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