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Puiforcat Annecy Cutlery

Puiforcat Annecy sterling silver cutlery has an almost postmoderne look and it displays simple forms and a classic grace.

Over the past two centuries, Puiforcat has been one of the first silversmiths known to connoisseurs and collectors of exceptional objects. The Annecy sterling silver cutlery collection, created in 1930 by Jean Puiforcat, features a timeless design that appears modern to this day. Each piece embodies a geometric balance composed of straight and curved lines with smooth, flat handles.

A refined detail on the knife is the trapezoidal-shaped element that joins the blade to the handle.

A typical feature of the cutlery lines designed by Jean Puiforcat is the three-pronged fork that features very modern squared openings between the prongs. In order to emphasize the unity of the design, the fork handle was manufactured from one piece of metal, thus producing a nice, solid piece of cutlery.
A new design feature of the spoon was the perfect oval shape of the bowl.

The high-quality of the handcrafted Puiforcat Annecy cutlery is also revealed in the high percentage of 930/1000 sterling silver that is used.

This sterling silver cutlery stands out for its forceful austerity: the knives, forks and spoons of the Annecy collection feature a perfect disc to soften the tip of the handle.

If you have any questions about Puiforcat Annecy flatware or any Puiforcat Sterling Silver Flatware Collection, please contact us at logo whatsapp+39 391.345.6441. We will be very happy to help you with all the information you need.

Care instructions for sterling silver and silverplated flatware

Before first use, wash by hand with a sponge in soapy water. Then wipe immediately with soft, dry cloth.

Puiforcat flatware is dishwasher safe providing the following recommendations are followed:

  • The knives are washed in the dishwasher basket, blade downward to let the water flow easily over the blades.
  • The machine door is opened at the end of the cycle to avoid condensation marks on the blades.
  • The flatware that has been in contact with acid food (salad dressing, lemon, egg, fruit…) is rinsed as soon as possible in warm water.