Baccarat New Collection 2020

Baccarat New Collection 2020

Making light with black. Symbol of ultimate elegance in fashion, design and art, black evokes luxury, mystery and power. Black is the perfect counterpart to clear crystal, combined together, they engage light and darkness in a subtle game of contrasts and shadows. Seductive and bold, the Baccarat Reflections pieces give the perfect touch of audacity to any interior.

New Collection Baccarat
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Discover Baccarat New Collection!

NEW Black Crystal Sculptures

Baccarat lucky Butterfly and iconic bear shaped “art toy” dressed in black crystal are taking on new adventures in the luxury world with this ultra-elegant version.

EXCLUSIVE Limited Edition 99 pieces

Cut by a Meilleur Ouvrier de France for 90 hours, this sculpture created by Allison Hawkes represents a real technical feat. Struck by light, the sculpted material reveals the muscles of the prancing thoroughbred.

A must-have for collectors, horse riding and exceptional pieces lovers!

    NEW Baccarat Brunch Collection

    Brunch is always a good idea, it puts everybody in a good mood, as it is a cheerful time to spend with those you love.

    Set up the coolest table with the Baccarat « Brunch » capsule collection to enjoy this joyful moment with friends: whether you live in New York, Paris, Shanghai or Tokyo, the small plates will be perfect for pancakes with red berries, avocado toasts or dim sum, the fruit salad will look more appetizing in the extra large Massena glass, the exquisite cups will work for jam, maple syrup or soy sauce, chopstick holders for sushi lovers and a glamourous egg holder for the most delicious eggs.

    Mix up sweet and savoury and dare original combinations, it is time to treat yourself to something special!

    Let’s Brunch!

    With its modern design and hypnotic light effects, Swing makes your table vibrate!

    NEW Snoopy 2020

    Since its launch in 2002, CARTOON collection has seen the birth of five SNOOPY made in Baccarat.

    In October 2020, to celebrate its 70th anniversary, Baccarat will launch its sixth SNOOPY which embraces one of the most famous codes and signatures of Baccarat: the octagon in red crystal with gold.

    NEW Baccarat Monkey Candlestick

    With its round face and large ears, the animal transforms into a small, crazily cute design object.

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