Lladró Lotus Firefly Table Lamp Coral


Size: 28 x 12 cm

The Firefly table lamps entirely hand made of glazed porcelain feature a base design inspired by plant motifs and decorated with attractive combinations of coral, red, yellow and white colours. read more...

State-of-the-art cordless lighting technology is combined with the exclusiveness of Lladró porcelain, including the translucent fez shaped shade which lets the light filter through to produce a fantastic warm colour sense.Firefly insects live in their thousands in exotic forests, on the trunks of gigantic trees.
When night falls, they come out and play, creating patterns in the air, like little stars dancing happily.
Anyone who has seen this amazing spectacle will never be able to forget the display of light and color.
This magical quality of emitting light has inspired the Firefly collection with the first Lladró porcelain cordless lamps.‎ These creations with rechargeable batteries through USB and independent LED lighting are decorative in a versatile manner and can be inserted in a variety of environments whether indoor or outdoor.
All the models are enhanced in front, from a gold plate with the flower of the logo of Lladrò which also acts as a tactile switch, adjusting the intensity.

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