Lladró Little Sculpture The Guest by Kzeng Jiang

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Porcelain sculpture created by the Chinese artist Kzeng Jiang for The Guest collection.

Size: 30 cm * 11 cm

Sculptor: Raúl Rubio

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Shipping time: approx. 1-2 weeks


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Your porcelain figurine will be wrapped especially without any additional cost and you can also include a personalized gift note.

This version of The Guest bears the signature of Kzeng Jiang, the first Chinese-born artist to join the creative universe of this iconic character. A Shanghai-based creative, his work captures contemporary oriental culture through vibrant illustrations and radical imagery. Kzeng tries to represent his cultural roots through traditional symbology, such as Chinese face painting or Song dynasty flowers. On a chromatic level, the artist uses blues on white porcelain to give balance and visual harmony. Colors that he combines with streaks of golden luster to give that feeling of prestige typical of Chinese porcelain. The result is a creation that conveys the elegance of porcelain and, at the same time, is an example of conceptual and contemporary design.

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